Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Drink & Drive & 25

I'm beginning to think this little blog needs a disclaimer.
But then I digress and remember why I started doing this, and I may just recommend you stop reading this blog. Yes, please stop Reading this blog. If reading, what everyone is thinking, but I'm the one writing is giving you discomfort. Stop seeking this out. 
In the Midwest, more specifically in Wisconsin it's almost a rite of passage to have an OWI. (look it up people, but if you didn't know that.. I can't help you).This state holds the highest record for Brandy consumption and people that have 2-3 drinks a night don't consider themselves alcoholics. It's actually quite rare to meet someone that doesn't have this deficit. I personally have known 2 different people that have passed out in a Taco Bell drive through after a night of imbibing. Just Haddd to get that bean burrito.. And as the years go on and the penalties attempt to get more putrid, the Driving gets more Disastrous. And for the record, because I know your wondering, I'm one of those rare birds.
Take this weekend, for example. A State Patrol Man in San Diego rescued a passed out drunk woman, yes I say Rescued because he saved Her damn life. A woman who passed out in her car in the middle of the highway. You may have missed this in the news. After attempting to wake her, cat nap time was apparently over and the car began to roll forward. The officer broke the passenger window and was able to shift the sedan into park. Meanwhile cars in excess of speeds upwards of 65-75 were whizzing past. This story is killing you..right? Well, it could have. Every single weekend, I shutter to read the news. Recently there has been a rash of wrong way drivers making headlines. "Driver drove over 19 miles the Wrong way on 94". "40 Year- old man drunk driving on 43 at 4am".
And the people will say, "What if he killed a baby? What if she killed a Family?'
What a minute? What if I was killed?? Isn't MY life just as lucrative?
Well I'm sick of it. I'm Damn sick of it. Have I driven after a day on the lake> Sure. Have I pulled over on the side of the turnpike to puke up Peach Schnapps? Sure. I went through a bender of a year a few back, that convinced me I had a backseat driver, and I gave up the booze before the wheel. Read: Back Seat Driver.
But thankfully, very Thankfully, I have throws of people that care about me. I have servers at my favorite places that have the sense to keep from over serving even a serious Whiskey Girl. And I am faithful to my friends that have forced me into a cab and paid the fare to my front door.
One of my favorite phrases continues to be: Nothing ThAT great happens after 2 am.
So weather your 25, 45, or 55, do yourself and us All a favor. Decide when and where you're going to drink. Figure out who's going to find their place behind the wheel and get your Fireball drinking friends home.
Otherwise if you drink and drive, this gal hopes you get 25.

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