Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Taking Stock

So Ya'll wouldn't think I'm Dead over here,
or maybe thought I stopped Blogging, I decided to do  a small weekly update. Yes, This is what I've been doing- quite glamorous I know.. So I'm taking a page from another fav. blogger: and posting a "Taking Stock" update.(This is my 1st one)
Cooking: Sweet potato chili
Drinking: Coffee..duhhh and maybe some Dr. Pepper after 5pm
Wanting: My kitchen shelves to get here NOW from Ballard Designs
Looking: Like I need a haircut (hello did you see Faith Hill at the Oscar's??)
Listening to: Jason Aldean radio on Pandora
Deciding: Is it safe to operate a Saw- zall alone at home?
Planning: What I'm going to wear to a 1 year old birthday party this weekend (we all know those parties are for the parents..right??)
Wondering: If I can decal cover, or paint that stainless fridge? You know I HATE (all caps) stainless,,right?
Buying: The 16 glass Mason jar chandelier I have been wanting for 2 years from
Wearing: sock monkey pajamas currently
Watching: trying to catch up on Vanderpump rules
Planning: vacation get away to Mexico with P
Needing: to get back on my train.
Feeling: Like it's 9 o' clock!!! I need to get this party started!!

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