Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Craft Day & Candle jars

So we've All got The jars. The jars that we burn our candles in. And I suppose for the "normal" person after the burning is done, the jar gets thrown away. However, for the gal that's come from 2 strong generations of crafters, err,,bordering on crafter hoarders..I just Cannot throw these jars away!
So today, I'm taking you on a step-by step process of making something more memorable with these pieces.
1. Following the burning out of the candles, I place the jars in the freezer for 1-2 hours 
Following the freezing, I use a simple butter knife to cut up the chunks of the left over candle. Freeing the jar is essential in getting the wax bond to the glass to break.
Once all the wax is out, I clean the inside and outside of the jars with cleanser and glass cleaner. Use Hot water to help remove the 3 wick holders from the bottom of the glass(they're stuck on with epoxy)
We burn a Lot of candles in this house!! 
I went to my local craft store and picked up some scrapbooking stickers that were the style and size I wanted for this project. I also picked up Armor Etch. This is a product that etches the surface of glass.
I place the letters centered between the top and the bottom of the glass. (pls.excuse my need for a manicure ASAP!!) Use the back of a spoon to burnish the sticker, to make sure the sticker is airtight on the glass.
Pouring a small amount of the Armor Etch in a plastic container, I'll use a foam brush to cover the glass in the Etching cream. The direction on the outside of the container say, "Leave on and wash off after 60 seconds" 
After covering the 1st glass, I open up the directions inside, and it reads, "cover surface in Etching Cream and leave on for 5 minutes before rinsing"..HHhmmm...Technical writing department line #1. 
I do wish the glasses were a bit more opaque. However the cream I bought was $12.99 vs. the Martha Stewart jar for $49.99..I'm wondering if Hers works better?? But last night, nestled with P on the couch with our 7 new luminaries lit, I forgot all about it! (He Loved it!!) 

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