Saturday, February 28, 2015

Burn Baby Burn

It was a Great sentiment..but I cannot believe he write on our floor in permanent marker!! Even if he was about to cut the floor away for the tile,,Still! 
As elements of nature, I would say I prefer fire over water.
I live right by and drive past daily a significant body of water. And as we've discussed here before, I do not drink a drop, that is, of water. Literally makes me nauseous. I have no idea when my infinity for fire festered. We camped every summer with my Grandparents in their Winnebago. It was my job during the daily journey to spot out a place on the map to camp. To there we would drive and my Grandpa spent what felt like hours getting the whole cruiser level. Out of all those times, and all those trips, I never ever remember having a campfire...? Still the best place to camp ever? The KOA at the base of Mount Rushmore.
I have lived without fire in my daily life for almost 6 years.
Prior to that I was quite the woods woman. Every fall it was my job to stock the garage for the winter supply. This encompassed a 40 foot long 5 foot tall, 4 foot wide stockpile of the stuff. It needed to be gathered, split, hauled, emptied out of truck bed and stacked strategically. And I willingly did it, for the better half of 10 years. The fireplace was massive and a large child could fit inside. The hearth was raised 18 inches off the ground to provide space underneath for storage. Packed tight, the wood could keep an inferno ignited for the better half of 24 hours. I faced that fireplace with field stones hand picked from the front yard. Each one manipulated and mortared into a perfect balancing act.
I spent hours in front of that fireplace, and still remember the first day I sat there with Annie. A new pup in a new home. I make a mean S' more also.
So after a particularly long Polar Vortex last year, and too many days logged low on the mercury this year, P decides to buy a wood burner. I'm ecstatic, and know Exactly where, and how it should be positioned. That was about 2 months ago. You see with P, and his Dad, you have to bring a new idea to them at least 3 times before they actually start to think it may be a good idea. We know we can't go super huge, because our room size is smaller. We also had to consider, what may have been in this home a hundred or so years ago and try to honor her. So we decide on a model and I'm holding out for the one with the gold door and gold legs. After all, stainless is SSSooooooo 2004. Upon installation, the gentlemen let us know that we are the only people under the age of 60 that they've ever installed the gold model for. That's Perfect , I say.
So tonight as I sit here, steaming next to the stove, sipping on some spicy whiskey, I bid you many warm nights, and tell that stove to
Burn Baby Burn

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Taking Stock

So Ya'll wouldn't think I'm Dead over here,
or maybe thought I stopped Blogging, I decided to do  a small weekly update. Yes, This is what I've been doing- quite glamorous I know.. So I'm taking a page from another fav. blogger: and posting a "Taking Stock" update.(This is my 1st one)
Cooking: Sweet potato chili
Drinking: Coffee..duhhh and maybe some Dr. Pepper after 5pm
Wanting: My kitchen shelves to get here NOW from Ballard Designs
Looking: Like I need a haircut (hello did you see Faith Hill at the Oscar's??)
Listening to: Jason Aldean radio on Pandora
Deciding: Is it safe to operate a Saw- zall alone at home?
Planning: What I'm going to wear to a 1 year old birthday party this weekend (we all know those parties are for the parents..right??)
Wondering: If I can decal cover, or paint that stainless fridge? You know I HATE (all caps) stainless,,right?
Buying: The 16 glass Mason jar chandelier I have been wanting for 2 years from
Wearing: sock monkey pajamas currently
Watching: trying to catch up on Vanderpump rules
Planning: vacation get away to Mexico with P
Needing: to get back on my train.
Feeling: Like it's 9 o' clock!!! I need to get this party started!!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Zip it Zuckerberg

NewsFeed. SnoozeFeed. 
Call it how you see it, we're All on it. What else can you say you've done consecutively with about 10 million other people? And I'm here to make a plea. Please, let it Stop. Let it all of a sudden one day, just go away. Be off the air. Be lost under any search results. Just like that, and it's gone. That's how I'd do it if I was Zuckerberg. It would just be Gone. Would you even be affected?  Can you even Imagine all the horrible "last go- round" videos people would post if they Knew it was ending?
"Bye Facebook- we Love youuuuuuuuuuuu". Gag.
Congratulations should Really go to the man for originally offering underclassmen the opportunity to oogle and god- only- knows what else, to uploaded online photos. Then every morning, to motivate the masses around their mobile devices to see what the night's shenanigans had brought. Now, the Promises? are projected: Cure Cancer...with Just 12,000 more Like's. Affirm a girl's beauty, living with  Alopecia for 5,000 more Likes.. And now, it's an institute for the elderly to stay somehow...Connected to their  children..???? Ohh good lord, That's What were using Facebook for? 2015 and no picks up the phone or writes letters(don't even get me started). My mom's not on Facebook and my Dad never knew what it was. Lucky. My sister is on it, but we're not Friends. I mean,, not like That. A few years back I had a distant cousin friend request me, and I of course denied it because, we hadn't had a conversation in 10 years and NOwwwwwwww she wants in? Nope. See ya at the next reunion. 
My time started about 6 years ago. God, had it Already been done 6 years? And why I got on it?
Someone I work with created my account and loaded pics. I didn't Really understand the point of it all, because then, and now, I still talk to the people I Want to talk to. But then the people watcher in me got involved. Then, watching all the bad behavior, and the Really bad behavior came out, again and again. And now, every day you can read about the 7 Insufferable people on Facebook. Or see them live and in action. My best friend and I have even talked about creating a Fake account, then randomly uploading bar pics. drink pics, drunk pics ect. and see what happens...10,000 "friends" and a few hundred "Hey gurl...heyyyy" later.
Can you even Imagine how bored the 18 year old college drop out is, that Zuckerburg pays $12/ hr to "watch" all this is? You Do know some eye in the sky is watching this all. and Laughing, likely about how Basic we all are.
So why do I stay on it?
Maybe the same reason as old Zuckerburg. I'm going to use this Facewhore for all she's worth. For this little Bloggity. For the exposure. Because I'm not banking on people to seek out Coffee completely on their own. Were all Lazy. It's Easy. Share a link, a Like and it's Done. And also, this avenue of social media gives me more material, than anything else.
So it's time Zucky...What is One more Country Outfitter, "What Song are you" quiz gonna get you?
Isn't it time to hang it up and be Happy with the money you made? If you're Really That much of a genius, shouldn't you already be onto the next Big Thing? The rest of us have to have great ideas, everyday. Snap Chat and Tinder have all the naughty pics the parents of pre- teens will never see.
Perhaps its time for you(and them) to
Zip it up Zuckerburg?