Friday, January 30, 2015

The Creative Process part Deux

Even Annie approves! 
She wasn't That excited about having our photo taken, but I Insisted!! 
For those of you that read yesterdays post, "The Creative Process", a sincere, Thank you.
Similar to my projects, sometimes the words fly out of my fingers like lightning bolts and other times, it is like paining your left hand nails with your right hand..I know, #whitegirlproblems.
But in all seriousness, I was a bit of a puddle yesterday, meandering round the house without direction.
Then something happened.
I mean something happened after I followed my Mom's perennial advice of: Put some lipstick on and pull yourself together girl!!(true story)
I headed back to the thrift store, on the whim that the apple green velvet wing chairs were there.
Dogs loaded and ready to go to the dog park afterwards, we made the pit- stop. I debated going After the dog park(game changer decision). The chairs were there!!!
However, the sales ticket off of them was gone. For those of you that Don't know the rules: Take the ticket Immediately off if you want something. That's the un- broken rule that: That piece is Taken!
I decided to head up to the cashier to see if I could spy who had the ticket...or maybe to decide if that person was "worthy" of having them, After all, this was the 2nd day in a row I had "Just" missed out on something moments before.
So I did my best, "be nice and talk to strangers"attempt. You see, the shy girl with the report cards Still rears her head to this day! Turns out, the woman Was buying the chairs. However, once I talked to her about "just" missing out on something the day before and being heart broken about the set of Matching, MATCHNG apple green velvet chairs, she conceited, "Take them", "YOU should Have them"!! What??! She was using them to re- cover for a work project, and it really didn't matter if they matched! There is goodness in the world, I'm telling you.
And...Not Only was she going to let me have them, (yes I gave her a check) She was going to deliver them To My House!! Living in a small town Does have its perks.
So we exchanged phone numbers and my address. Her and her girlfriend would come by after a brief stop elsewhere, and they insisted I had time to get my dogs to the dog park(who does That?) then they would meet me at home. So about an hour later the red van pulls up and my inner 10 year old is squealing because the chairs look even better in the natural light and I'm now re-thinking the whole re- cover angle entirely. We unload and get to sit and chat for a few minutes. Turns out, this woman is the Creative Director for a very Hipster- local chain of Coffee shops!!!! (to remain un- named, but rhymes with Zollictivo) So this woman's job is to round up all this furniture, re- upholster, re- imagine it, and stick it in the shops,,,Say WHAT??????????
You know this is My Jam ,,right? My dream job? My F*ck it, I'm moving, Can set- up shop anywhere, Fill a whole lovely place with furniture that people can just sit on, or purchase, while enjoying glossy books, drinking glorious teas and coffees and noshing on My baked goods? I just about cried. After the Process post, after the chairs being sold, then given to me, then delivered, I met This woman. The timing, the circumstance, and the realization that I Have to listen to the voice within was all coming into place. I am meant for More. And I will now likely have these chairs for the rest of my life, if nothing else to remind me daily of this dose of diligence.
Thank you for enjoying this journey,

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