Saturday, January 31, 2015

Snow-pacalypse & a Saturday off

Years ago I heard in a marketing class that Hostess products are the #1 selling item during inclement weather. Game ON Hostess! 
If you were in the continental United Stated this week, you were witness to one of the most over- exaggerated weather forecasts in the past 2 years. Anything East of Cleveland was ordered to bat up their hatches and head inside. All over the east coast stores sold out of bottled water, bread, and butter. Because apparently,, everyone makes cold sandwiches when it snows. I make soup. And tea, and hot chocolate. Call me Crazy! But if forecasting snowstorms that never successfully settle is a paid position?? I may consider a career change. Totally kidding. #cameraadds10lbs.
So the storm came and went, and everyone woke up wondering, "where is it?". One of the absolute funniest headlines I have ever read Actually played out this week. "New Jersey men promise 8-12 inches, and deliver 3-4!!! I never said This was a kids blog!
One of my favorite all time snow memories happened just a few years ago. I lived out west and snow after August was a regular thing. One night, after bar close, we were all walking home as the flakes were falling. They were bigger than I'd ever seen and thick and heavy. It was so unbelievable quiet and beautiful, I left my room mates at the door and continued down the street. The flakes were as big as my hands, and I knew in that moment, I'd never see snow like that again. Still haven't.
So this Saturday, the boys in their sharkskin suits are calling for snow again. Somewhere between 8-12 inches are expected to fall, and people around here are hitting those hatches. There isn't a shovel or a scraper in sight to sell. Suddenly everyone that's perfectly content leaving their Subaru outside, is steering them inside their garage. We made a visit to our local grocer to pick up just a few "essentials". No butter or bread, just some ice cream and coffee creamer. And yes, the aisles were filled with aggressive adults, stocking up on everything for the big snowfall.
So tomorrow morning, this gal is hoping for the "big one". Bring on the 8-12 inches! I will happily shovel the walkway around our house, and steer that big 4 wheel drive gas guzzler around. I moved away from a place with even more snow, and I choose to live here. The last thing I'm going to do is complain about a climate I choose to live in.
Just as long as I don't wake up wondering, "Where is it?"

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