Sunday, January 11, 2015

Follow your Heart, and Forget the Others

If your like me, you've dated the wrong One.
Err..let's use the word "dated" a bit loosely.
Can we instead insert the words, "been enticed by?' 
For the record, I cannot stand the word Insert. Obvi.
 I recently had a conversation with a guy friend that had ended a "relationship" with the "wrong one".
 He was in Deep. In deep with a woman that was in deep with someone else. As in Marriage Deep. He was seeking advice. Advice as to weather or not I had ever been in that situation. Well, not that situation exactly. But so into someone, that he pondered if he could ever forget.
I get it, I really get it. To Really connect with someone and to have a spark of not only interest but infatuation? It has come rarely and seldom, at least for me.
Yes, I'd been there. Twice in fact. Maybe even a third. And both times it ended?
I called the shot. Once by choice and force, then once by function. The function of, it was so dysfunctional, in the lifetime of the relationship, that I couldn't see it functioning favorably.
The first one took a few years to forget. It was someone that I never wanted to end up with, and someone I never should have been with. But unfortunately, sometimes the sun, the time of day, or the anticipation of the phone buzzing would set me back for days. I got a new phone and haven't seen him since. I'm thankful for it now, and am embarrassed it even happened.
The second one?
Well, I can say that maybe my memory isn't completely wiped, but I know it will too pass.
I assured my friend that everything happens for a reason and threw in some more cliché phrases in attempt to make him feel better. He's young an it still stings, but I told him, I swore he would look back, after he Followed his Heart and be a part of something better. 
If you follow me on Pinterest, hint* hint*, you'll know that I have an overfilling board entitled, "I Hate Quotes", because I really do. But this one has gotten me through several sleepness nights: 
"If you love two people at the same time, choose the 2nd one. Because if you Really loved the first one, you wouldn't have fallen for the second."

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