Monday, January 5, 2015

Dear Target...

Dear Target,
You should know me. You should Actually know me better than you're willing to admit. I'm your customer that Used to be in your store at least Twice a week. Sometimes stopping for necessities, and other times for little luxuries.
 Used to be.
You see, for most of my adult life I have been a D.I.N.K. And if you don't know what a D.I.N.K is, you've got bigger problems than even I thought. Dual Income No Kids household. And our little humble household over here and our earnings combined exceeds 6 fiqures. This gal's got money to spend and she's Bored. Money I'm sure her husband would rather save, but as I recently read, "I'm not meant to Just Pay Bills and Die"
I know you're all quite happy, resting on your haunches of controlling the market on diapers and baby formula. But I'm here to tell you: There's More to be had. It's clear to everyone, you already have a Great piece of the retail pie, but why not go for the whole cake?
You see it's winter here, and now that the Ho Ho Ho has left my home, I need a little something more habitable. Easter is light years away, and peeking for patio furniture is even farther. And I can already call- out  what you'll be trying to cash in on this summer. Stacking chairs in a sun- repellant neutral fabric, some gazebo- ish thing we can only pretend to keep all the parts to, and a tile- top fire pit that may hold a log, or two. Yawn. Your designer partnerships that seem to spring up every so often isn't helping matters. Those items that sell out instantly, only to be listed on E Bay and price gauged are just gaudy, and don't give the average gal a chance to get.
Really Target? It's the week after Christmas. People are chock full of gift cards and Holiday money to spend, and This is what you come out swingin' with? The vast corner of the store we all shuffle to, Hoping, turning, in anticipation of Something New being there..And this is what we're offered. A 2nd spot in the store to stock up on 79 rolls of toilet paper, 155 rolls of paper towels, and 62 bottles of laundry detergent. Apparently Target, your tie- wearing decision makers think everyone has 19 kids and counting. You may want to consider the single biggest waste of retail space in your store is spent double- exposing products at an un-discounted price point. ( I know a thing or two about this) 
So Dear Target, remember back to the pre- recession time when you were the Bee's knee's when it came to converting a home? Be it bedding, or bathroom d├ęcor, you have now become a last resort of options when on- line what I'm looking for cannot be found. You have played it safe far too long my friend. Filling your store with sub- par seasonal "options" that haven't seen any fresh finds for years.
You have neglected to keep me as a regular customer and I am now traveling to TJ Maxx, or Home Goods for my latest hoard. Maybe after penning this letter, you'll stop hanging out on those haunches, happy with the piece of the pie you've got.
For this gal is all about Taking the Cake. 


  1. Totally know what you mean. I miss the international bazaar section wthey used to have with the coolest stuff for the house. My spending at target is way down too!

  2. Get ready. Lilly Pulitzer is already all over Instagram. Really? Ugh.