Sunday, December 7, 2014

Stripe Dresses and The Santa list

You've either asked for it, or you've given it this year,
I bet. The list.
It's a bit dreadful, either way for me. Either being asked for it, or giving it. Keep in mind, my favorite holiday is my birthday(yes, I consider my birth a holiday) and I absolutely Love receiving presents. So it may be a bit advantageous of me, but I assume if you know me, at All, you'll be able to know exactly what I want. High expectations, I know.
When I was a little girl, every Christmas Eve, I would pull out the glossy Sear's toy catalog, and page turn all the ones I wanted Santa to see. I circled and made arrows to be sure nothing was awry. I placed the catalog right under the tree before I went to bed. The agony my parents must have went through, knowing None of the carefully wrapped packages were from that catalog!! But naturally, I forgot all about those toys once other treats were in front of me. I did this for Years. However, if someone has the Barbie Mc Donalds, I Still pine for That piece!!
I love giving small gifts. The smaller the better. And giving without an occasion is the best. If I choose to give you something unexpectedly, It's because I was thinking of someone other than myself. I saw something and immediately thought of YOU. Leo's get a bad wrap for being selfish, but they're actually a group of the most giving people. Like I mentioned the smaller, the better. That's why I don't quite understand the stampede every Thanksgiving for the oversized television to deliver on Christmas Day. Don't people realize those televisions are crap anyway?
 2 years ago I crafted an amazing advent calendar for P and I to hang in our home. I carefully designed it and sewed it in coordinating fabrics and trim that would compliment the decor. Side note: another thing I don't understand, People who bust out the red and green, that have no trace of red and green in their house?? Follow me? The advent pouches were numbered 1-24. The rules were simple. We each got 12 days of pouches to fill. The limit was $100. Divvy up the $100 between the pouches, or spend $99 on one and fill the 11 others with pennies. I thought it was a genius way to point out, It Really IS, about the small things for me. I planned and pocketed the small treasures I found for P. I went to his favorite stores and squired away anything that would fit in his pouches. I was psyched!..But this is where it goes sour, and this Blog gets Real.
See P's favorite place to buy presents is Walgreens, and gas stations. True story. And not in a sit- com funny way. In my pouches I found fingernail clippers, and Franzia mini bottles. Yes, I can hear you all collectively clamoring. Each time it was my turn for a treat, I had hope that he somehow got the hint to head to the 1 of 3 stores I frequent. He somehow managed to purchase what he though were personalized pint sized presents that were anything but personal. That was the first and last year we used the advent pouches. P is a wonderful man the rest of the year, but he remains to be a hopeless holiday gifter. 
I attempt to steer him in the right direction with my own board on Pinterest. Dear Santa, is a board I add to all year round, of little lovelies and links to the domain to deliver the goods. P can access this list at any time and attempt to redeem himself. Did I mention one year, he even gave me a gas card? Yes, I can now say, "P gave me gas"...! What doesn't make sense(besides the gas card) is that this man used to be Really good! When we were dating, there was more than one occasion, that a beautifully wrapped package from Mike Tucci, was trucked to my doorstop(look up Mike Tucci).
When did it all go South??
So this year, my expectations are quite low, and the list is Really short. See as you get older, or at least for me, it's about the time, not just the truck packages from Tucci. The list may be deep into dollars, but a remodel upstairs and a kitchen downstairs are on the docket after December. These are gifts that will go on, long after I wear this striped dress, and pen you my Santa list

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