Tuesday, December 23, 2014

"Your Package is in the Mail"

So,,, Here we Are.
Two days away and I'm feeling less like Fa La La, and more like Bahh Ha Ha... 
And in- between dog sitting(don't Even ask) and working like a dog, I inevitably have to make one of the biggest call- outs of the year.
If your human and have any planning capabilities, listening skills, or maybe own a calendar, you should know that Christmas comes exactly Once a year.
You have 364 days, 52 or 27 pay periods, and one shot to get it right.
It humors me when I hear people say, "Gosh,, Christmas Really snuck up on us this year!"
Wrong. It comes the exact Same time every year. Isn't that Crazy!!?
So during the Most Wonderful Time of the Year, the most Horrible thing you can so to someone is say those 6 humongous words: "Your Package is in the Mail".
Which in my world means "Your check is in the Mail"
What Do you Really say to That?
Ok? Thanks? Great?
How thoughtful of you.
"Thank you for thinking of me in just enough time to maybe have something arrive before the New Year"
Haven't you ever heard of overnight shipping?
I can almost hear you thinking out loud of what an ungrateful person I am. Ok, So stop reading then. However, if you Really know me, you'd know that I go to Great lengths for my friends and family. Even if that means paying additional and un-godly fee's to deliver the package in time to the destination.
Take this year, for example. The packages I needed to send out, were packed, posted and pre- paid, at least a week ahead of time, before they Actually needed them. Because I wanted the recipients to rejoice and enjoy them for their Journeys. I wanted my Mom and Sister to have new monogrammed Jammies and coordinating coffee cups for Christmas morning. And I wanted them to know I planned and considered this all. That's the true gift in it all. You see, I'm busy too.
Read: Wearing Blue and being SSSoooooo Busy
 When you buy a gift for someone for the Holidays, the intent should be, to deliver said gift as close to and most definitely before the Actual holiday.
Otherwise I can bet you, your recipient already believes you're waiting till after the holidays to purchase said gift at a reduced price. And if that's your game, Hey! Rock that game. How fun would it be to see how much you could get and have a gathering of girlfriends after the good holiday!?
Or have a white elephant gift exchange? Game ON!
So this year, in the middle of trying to make my 3 dog household more Ho Ho Ho, I'm not sure if P's trying to create an element of suspense. You see a few days ago he started wonder aloud about those scary 6 words. He's checked the front door and the back, and discussed there had been no delivery.
Hopefully for my sake, and more so his, he had the forethought to shell out the dollars to get my Glossy red boots underneath the glow of the tree, this Christmas morning.  

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