Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Green Plaid & Getting Group Texts

I'm going to start by saying that it all starts out with good intentions.
"I want to tell a few people something, without Actually having to do the work"
But then I will swiftly retract that statement.
This at it finest moment is the attempt to attain the attention and the affirmation of others at it's Not- so-finest. It's a more personalized version of how many comments you can rack up on social media.
And yes, of course, I include myself, and the things I've done in all of these blogs. My apologies. 
I'm not a popular person, and can count my real friends on a few fingers.
But this weekend I became entangled in a web of words that was so out of control, I contemplated pitching my new polka dot phone. You see, I was included in 4 different conversations, that continued to play out through the weekend. Kill Me. And to really exacerbate the issue? I'll give you an excerpt.
"Just painted the dining room"
"Is that gold?"
"Green Midori"
"I'm baking oatmeal cookies"
"Are you freezing them"
"putting in Tupperware"
"Going to the store"
"For what?"
"get me sum!"
"dang auto correct- SOME!"
"Too Funny"
"I wish we had snow"
"No way"
"I hate snow"
"remember all the sow we had last year?"
"No thanks"
"I'll take it"
"You can have it"
Are you dying yet? Because I'm on the floor. And My dogs are wondering what's going on.
I'll tell you what happens. When people are not with their phone and do work, and come back to see 20 text messages they think 1 of 2 things.
1. Someone Died
2. Something's on Fire
And the True outrage of this? I ACTUALLY know someone that would Text this kind of "update", rather than call. True story. And that's a Whole nother' Blog topic.
And the 2 times that someone actually Did pass, and something Was on fire:  My phone rang. Someone had the forethought to pick up the phone, consider where I was, and want to tell me as close as they could to in- person, What was going on.
So this holiday season, I know it may be tempting to save time and text all your troops at once. You may be fired up about al the festivities, but please,
Do us All a favor and spare us the succession of banter you're about to subject us to, and celebrate the season by actually Saying So.

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