Thursday, December 18, 2014

Going Green and Giving Theme Gifts

The great thing about this blog is, I get to have a opinion and voice and type it.
The great thing about You, is you get to read it, or Not. If you don't agree with what I have to say, you can just stop reading. And if you Do agree? Congratulations, you are quick witted and apparently live on the same planet as I. Where things happen to you and then you turn and ask, "Does this happen to anyone else??" 
Years ago when my little brother was in grade school I vividly remember him receiving, right around the holidays a peculiar letter from his professors. The letter was neatly typed in a traditional font, and started out celebrating their gratitude of the season. Then it goes about as sour as the punch at the holiday party after sitting out. They go on to request that any and all gifts that are from the children(we're talking younger than 10 here) do not center around, look like, or resemble in any way,
An Apple.
Whhhhatttttt??? You mean to tell me you ungrateful, always claiming underpaid educators NOW are calling the shots on what gifts they May or May NOT get? And this "request" of sorts are sent home through the satchels of everyone attending the school? The audacity,, I tell ya.
It wasn't until years later that I lightly understood their request. I think it's an un- written rule(especially for this blog) that anything that starts with good intentions, never ends good. And Yes, I realize the boutiques across America, attend to the very notion that, if you know someone that likes, Insert Item: They'll Love a hand painted sign telling Everyone! Gross.
When I had my first place away from home, my mom was equally excited to embellish place as I. Never mind the fact that I had been refinishing furniture and collecting chairs since I was 16. She was Ready to decorate! And at the time, I was quite fond of flowers, sunflowers in particular. So, in they came. Sunflower pictures, sunflower candles, sunflower pillows, sunflower bath towels, sunflower oven mitts....You see where this is going, right? Anywhere but sunny side up. All those unnecessary props were over- pollenating my apartment.
It's procured since we took a trip to Paris. Ever since then, that Eiffel Tower has followed me everywhere. The pictures(not that I took) followed, the strangely shaped soap showed up in my bathroom. The pillows with fancy French phrases popped up. And did I forget to mention, I was actually longing for London, loads more than gay Paris, and it's over- romanticized notion? And yes, I can hear you (almost saying), "How un-grateful", "Someone gives her these gifts, and she complains about it?!"
You may not be seeing my point on this.
You see, the places I've been and the things I like don't have to take over my world, or yours. The times in my travel are best relished in my own memory, and not morphed on a poster. The gifts of time are what I wish for most. All the potholders and magnets, and painted wooden signs about how I love wine won't be going anywhere but to the Goodwill bin. And this holiday season, I hope that you don't get too many "Themed" gifts that make you want to gag. Otherwise, you may want to corresponding one of those considerate catchy letters.

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