Friday, November 21, 2014

Tartan, Turkey, and seeking a Traditional Thanksgiving

Round the water cooler this week, the conversation inevitably turned towards Thanksgiving.
I had my suspicions, but I definitely confirmed this week that I am actually a Traditionalist at heart. Yup, take away the neon tights and the 30 shades of almost the same lipstick in my bag, and yes, I'm actually quite a simpleton. Gasp.
I prefer my turkey baked in an oven, my stuffing out of the box(gasp again!)and my potatoes boiled and beat until buttery smooth. I'll enjoy a piece of pumpkin pie, and copious amounts of black olives. Preferably eaten off my 10 digits! It's when the talk about the feast gets Fancy, I flee. The sweet potatoes don't need to be in a soufflé, and don't we have enough bad stories from the media about Deep Fryers? Then there's the giblets. Ohhh gosh the giblets! Can we please get the giblets out of the gastro feast? Who even likes Liver? I'm All for Pinterest-ing into the pre- dawn hours for a new idea for dinner..However, Can we keep Turkey Day totally normal?
I appreciate Thanksgiving more than I thought.
To me , it's much more of a heartfelt holiday than Christmas.
There's no pressure of delivering perfectly wrapped presents, and after all the treats, it's the time I'm most Thankful for. Every Thanksgiving morning you'll find me in my footed pajamas, enjoying my favorite Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. The sweet spot being Snoopy swinging in the air, and watching the Rockettes, reach new heights with their high kicks!
So this Thanksgiving, Can we keep the tricks for Halloween and keep the treats on the more Traditional side? Be mindful of your inner Martha, and move those big plans to the back burner. Until then, you'll find me in my footed jammies, feeding on the black olives.

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