Thursday, November 20, 2014

Sorry, Not Sorry

I gave someone an apology a few weeks back that wasn't deserved. 
And it got me to thinking about apologies and when you give them and even how you say them.
An old boyfriend of mine brought to my attention that I would have the tendency to "Apologize, rather than say "I'm Sorry". He said it was the p.c. way of trying to make things better, without actually admitting you were wrong.(Good point Hoss) He was right. That's why it was bothersome to me that just recently I gave an "I'm Sorry" out that wasn't warranted.
I Said I was Sorry for the things that I write Here on Coffee...WTF ..right?? I don't force your hand, and I don't make you read. Ya'll are doing that just fine on your own(and Thank you for that!) and if your "Offended" by something??...Say it with me,,"it's likely that your doing the Very thing I'm writing about" 
I'm Not sorry. Not at all. And what I write here on this little Blog is all mine. Material is everywhere in front of me and more often than not keeps me awake far too often. The commonalities that we as humans all go through is fascinating, and deserves some conversation. Fred always said, "Your only bothered by the truth", and the rest my friends, is all just in the fuzzy Grey details of life. I couldn't have said it better. 

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