Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Hey Bartender

$6.99 my Friends..$6.99 is what this little cutie set me back.
Later this summer at my favorite thrift ship I spotted this near the entryway and just Knew No one would take it. However, Furniture, and spaces have a strange way of "talking" to me. I know.. it sounds crazy. But I can immediately envision what something "Wants"? to be. 
I had ALL intentions of selling it. I swear...Call it a hobby, but I completely enjoy the hauling, the painting and of course, the Styling of these pieces they Just don't make anymore! And truth is, as soon as P say it all painted up and pretty, "Why aren't WE keeping this?" came out!
And speaking of styling...I couldn't resist getting a few new sparklers to go inside! P.S. I Just saw that book at a fancy schmancy Foodie store,,,for $24.99..I paid,,wait for it...89 cents! 
So, $30 in white enamel (the only way I go) spray paint later!! 
Did I mention this thing had a Full stereo and record player I had to dis- assemble!? And before I get hate mail..I Gave this thing NEW Life! 
Look at that Cute swing down door and That trim!! 
And there she was..right next to the plaid sofa. Perhaps all she needed to hear to make her Really shine was, Hey, Bartender"! 

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