Thursday, October 9, 2014

Wearing Blue & Being Soooooo Busy

It has been said, That people will make time for what is important to them.
People will prioritize only when something is painstakingly haunting them, and people will only do exactly what they Want to do. The rest of it, or others? Well that's just in the fuzzy details in this life. 
You've heard them. You've All heard them complain, and whine, and rationalize. How many meetings they had, how they're flight got delayed, how Timmy's soccer game ran late, and now how they have to carpool to the pizza party. They are SSSSoooo busy..and apparently lack the life skills to remain socially present.. "I'm soooo busy I don't even have time to Think!". Don't flatter yourself, you're Reallly not That busy. And if you are, you know what? So am I. But I can balance the bread keeping with others . You've heard this before,,Right? Well I have time to think. A lot of time. I'm okay with "You think too much"
Unfortunately, I have been recipient of this excuse making, because that is essentially What it is. When someone starts to complain about how Busy they are, that immediately signals to me they have no prioritization skills. They cannot decipher what needs to happen Now, and what can happen 2 hours from now. And for Those of you making the excuses, do you Really want to know what it feels like when you go on and on about How SsSSSooooooo busy you are?
1. It makes Others feel like What you are currently doing is a matter of life and death. That you are preforming open heart surgery, you're writing the Decleration of Independence, or you're meeting with the Speaker of the House. You may very well have your own version of Congress to correspond with daily. What you're Really doing may be just as important as these things, To You. I repeat: TO You. And it signifies that I am not important to you. At All.
2.It makes Others feel like What They are currently doing, Doesn't Really matter at all. Not at all. Because if you grant someone the brief time to perhaps talk about their lives, you're completely distracted, sometimes occupied by computer face, Not Really listening at all. At All. You inadvertently are telling them: "I am not at all interested in you. I just want you to lavish me with sympathy and ask  "How do you just Do it All!?"
I recently went through this debate with my very best friend. We don't live anywhere near each other, and have gotten in the habit of talking every morning. Between 7:35 and 8:00am everyday we re- hash the ridiculous tabloid news, trade stories and plan our next Holiday decorating endeavor. This has been going on for years. That was until a few weeks ago. Apparently she has become SSSoooooo busy, our morning chitter- chatter was getting in the way of world domination. To add insult to injury, she let me know she also was SSSoooooo busy she doesn't even listen to my voicemails!? Way to kick a girl in the crotch when she's down! I realize I am well known for my extensive messages, but c' mon...Can't even listen to them??
So what did I do?
I stopped calling.
I re-investigated what I wanted on my morning commute, and some days I drive now in total silence.
I enjoy the silence of not hearing someone complain about how much they have to do. I have been present in the moment and appreciative of the down- time. I can rest easily that if someone Really wanted to get- together, or have a telephone conversation, they would. And when the plans haven't been made and the telephones are silent, This girl knows that people Really only make time for What They Want to, and the rest are just life's fuzzy details.

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