Friday, October 24, 2014

The Means to my Madness

I get it. I totally understand. You have no idea What to Wear.
Truth is, even the deepest wells run dry. Mine included.
I get asked, all the time, Just about daily, How I figure it all out.
I admit, we all stand in front of our closets, small or grand, and do the same thing.
However, I have a(fun) solution.
It usually starts with a Mall Haul, or perhaps I've been perusing on Pinterest(hint*hint* follow Me!). My sage advice: Stay AWAY from the Women's Fashion section. I'm using "air quotes" for women's fashion because it's mostly just full of denim shirt, black leggings/ boot combo=Boring. So head else where, start with a page you love from a catalog, a combination of colors, or an online image and head north, or what ever direction your closet may be in.
Lay everything out so you can see exactly what you have a start pulling! Don't forget about the eye candy(accessories!) that's the Fun part! P.S. I Love the juxtaposition of a chunky sweater and a sparkly bottom! (p.s. this was actually a dress I'll be wearing as a midi- skirt!) and Leopard? Leopard is a neutral ladies!
I Love mixing colors next to each other on the color wheel(remember That from art class) Very analogous of me! A very well- known retailer who's name rhymes with "brew" is known for doing this very thing!
Ohh Snap!I spy a denim shirt! Call it Lumberjack chic! Pearls keep it Classy:)
And VOILA! I have 6 outfits to Go-to in the mornings when I have No idea What to Wear!
Plus, Annie and I got to play dress up in the closet with our morning coffee! 
Go ahead, and play this weekend- I Dare you! Eventually I swear, there will also be a means to Your madness!

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