Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Closet Compromise

I remember my first walk- in. Well, it wasn't a walk- in , in the slightest, but yes, I could physically walk into the closet and close the door. It was a condo, brand new, and I even had to take the plastic off the carpet. I had a separate closet for fold- ables, and this,, my friends is where it May have gone down hill. 
My second walk- in was a marginal improvement. This is where I had the forethought to add 3 rods all within the same wall to maximize my vertical space. When in doubt, go up, right? I used an old high school gym locker for my shoes and that closet sustained me for the better 1/2 of 8 years. 
When I moved in with P, the biggest compromise was by far the closet space. 100+ year old house and for the first time in over 10 years I had to SHARE, yes I just typed Share a closet. I know,, #whitegirlproblems, right? For almost 2 years, my ginghams were touching his ginghams, my shoes were in Rubbermaid totes, and most of my jewelry was in clear plastic Zip- Loc bags! The things we do for Love! 
Thankfully, the voice of reason finally crept into P's ears. We were taking over the upstairs and the bedroom with the slanty roof line, not really big enough for a bed and tables, and we truly don't need 5 bedrooms in this house became: Mine.
The brackets went up, and the rods filled quickly. The vanity that still has the delivery label on the back from My Grandmothers Mom!! Got a glam coat of gold paint.  The shoes stepped their way out of the storage totes and the world is now a happier place! Sometimes Annie and I just go sit up there and play dress up! This year for my birthday, My mom brought over cake and champagne, and we ate it in my new closet! (it was Exactly what I wanted to do!)
I've still got some things on my wish list: Furry large rug, Sparkly chandelier, paint the slanted wall and add a monogram. But it will all happen in due time. This closet has been 10 years in the making , and a few more months is well worth it for the compromise these clothes have been through! 

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