Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Gold Stars & my Gone Girl review

**Spoiler ALERT!!**
If your at all intuitive , or can read, you'll know that this post is about the movie, and partially the book. And if your not interested in hearing the Giveaway before you've seen or read it, this and many other reasons may be why this Blog isn't for you.
So I went in blind. Stark blind. I had only seen the previews and heard a small amount of hub- bub about the book. If you remember, I'm an loyal reader. I read primarily and only Non- fiction. The tru-er the better, and if we can mix in a little well-known crime,, Perfect. So after hearing the hub- bub about the book, I wasn't budging. But the previews, the previews made me curious. Curious enough P and I went to see it on opening night! Another note: We frequent our local movie theatre only about once a year, if that. The thought of putting my head where others have been and the rampancy of head lice, strangely isn't enticing.
We went in armed with Swedish Fish and Raisinettes. We had half a box of the fish finished before the movie began. Once it started, I forgot all about those fish. The casting is good, the woman in the lead is icy and excellent. The male character.. well after I let people know we saw the movie, people were Dying to know how his full frontal was. Excuse me? Ben Affleck full frontal? Well apparently there's a shower scene, and he's all "out with it", and I'm telling you, it was such Not a big deal, I didn't even notice! Yes, apparently not That Big of a deal. People also inquire, "Didn't you just Hate him?".. Umm..I dislike him more for being Mr. Jennifer Garner than in this movie. It just was too convenient to blame anything on him. Too easy.
There were scenes I couldn't watch. and scenes I couldn't stop watching. There was truth in the relationship that I could relate to, and maybe that was worse than any war movies we typically watch. Scenes that P and I would digest the next day and week long. The violence, the blood and all the damn blood! Douggie Hauser had a horrible ending and now suddenly the true crazy has come out.
The crazy and the concept that two people, could treat each other this way.
I almost couldn't watch the end of it, but always the things that truly get a reaction out of you, loop you back in for more.
When we left the theatre, I couldn't even carry a conversation on with P. I had an upset stomach, and an even more upset psyche. As someone who had just celebrated their 2nd wedding anniversary, I questioned how anyone stays married. Even though it was dramatic, even for a movie, I considered how many miserable couples are out there. And I have known a many. They may not go to the lengths to hurt each other as these two had, but isn't hurt, Hurt?  I knew I was taking this far too seriously and reminded myself, I had the courage once to leave a life potentially this miserable.
I had to remind myself that, That Girl was Gone, and this Girl see's stars, and Everything will be  Golden and Good for many years to come.

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