Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Buffalo Check & Saying Goodbye to this Beauty

We had a great run. 
I'm not going to lie. 2004-2009, Awesome.  Every summer I couldn't wait to get the tarp off and the top down. I would fly down the country roads and even one time, almost had a turkey in the seat next to me! It wasn't even an option of driving it if I couldn't feel the sun on my face. And she didn't have heat!
She was given to me as a "Gift" of sorts. Not a birthday, not an anniversary, just a Summer car to drive. The first winter I made the grave mistake of mothballing the inside, as it was to be stored inside a barn for the season. It took 2 more summers for the inside to air out. 
Note: Never, EVER mothball Anything!
I have some of the best memories of my life in this car. Specifically an amazing summer day with one of my besties.  We started off sipping margaritas most of the early morning at a Mexican Cantina.  And ended up taking a tour of some Amazing estates on Lake Drive. Somehow the Spyder even ended up driving though a sprinkler!

But the time has come for her to give another girl some amazing summers. P and I have too many other toys and too many other plans to keep piling money into it. I've moved on and now on this crisp fall day, it's time to say goodbye to this Beauty.

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