Sunday, October 12, 2014

A Peak into my Week

It has been Said, and Penned, and Pinned: I am thankful to live in a world with October.
Well my friends, I am in agreement with you. October is a close second to September for me.
You see I have lived most of my life at this point in the Mid- West, and there's nothing quite like Fall here. My brief, although hugely transitional time out West, proved this to me. Out there, we go from green, to yellow, to white, all within the month of August sometimes. Water and Fall were the 2 things I missed most.
And it's all about "Peak". This time when we get to experience a crayon box full of colors on display outside. The exact moment when Peak happens? Well, that' up for discussion and debate. And regionally, depending on where you are, this phenom. may go on for an entire month(if were so lucky). People Love to talk about "Peak", and frankly, I'm sick of hearing about it. Why? You ask?
You've All heard it. Planning a trip? Taking a weekend in the country? Going for a fall walk? "Ohh you'll miss Peak", "Well it was Peak last week", "It's been Peak here for 3 weeks". The majority of the commentary being centered around exactly What you'll be missing. Why do people find enjoyment? telling others what they've missed? I almost feel like replying, "Well, I guess I ought to pack er' up, and hibernate for the next 7 months because there Cannot Possibly be Anything of interest, beauty or entertainment going on in the out of doors this entire winter". "Stock me full of frozen pizzas and Lite Beer, see you in Spring".
This is the part where I hate People comes in. Why do people find it necessary to Rain(pun intended) on my parade? You see I spend most weekends inside, and when I Do get the opportunity to spend the weekend, having my Zen time, and just enjoying the time with the dogs and P, it's like suddenly, all the stars have to align in the universe, the colors must come together and things Have to be exactly Perfect. Or I'm made to feel like I've missed out on something. Even for a self- proclaimed bit of a control freak, I know it's rare to happen.
So after having a Peak(pun,, well you know) into my week, and where I was and what I did, I can assure you that 1. I Really didn't miss anything 2. It didn't suck that bad 3. Believe it or not it is actually quite stunning where I live and please take your rain clouds elsewhere.

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