Friday, October 31, 2014

Bowling with the Champs!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Buffalo Check & Saying Goodbye to this Beauty

We had a great run. 
I'm not going to lie. 2004-2009, Awesome.  Every summer I couldn't wait to get the tarp off and the top down. I would fly down the country roads and even one time, almost had a turkey in the seat next to me! It wasn't even an option of driving it if I couldn't feel the sun on my face. And she didn't have heat!
She was given to me as a "Gift" of sorts. Not a birthday, not an anniversary, just a Summer car to drive. The first winter I made the grave mistake of mothballing the inside, as it was to be stored inside a barn for the season. It took 2 more summers for the inside to air out. 
Note: Never, EVER mothball Anything!
I have some of the best memories of my life in this car. Specifically an amazing summer day with one of my besties.  We started off sipping margaritas most of the early morning at a Mexican Cantina.  And ended up taking a tour of some Amazing estates on Lake Drive. Somehow the Spyder even ended up driving though a sprinkler!

But the time has come for her to give another girl some amazing summers. P and I have too many other toys and too many other plans to keep piling money into it. I've moved on and now on this crisp fall day, it's time to say goodbye to this Beauty.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

A Dress & A talk about Doors

I can't think of a more perfect time of year for this discussion. 
As we head into the holiday hustle and bustle, and when you will come into contact with more people a day, than sometimes all month. And naturally, I think I'm more than qualified to have a talk about this common problem.
Not a very glamorous topic, but sometimes we need to go part PSA on this little Bloggity. I have luckily had many door opened or me in my day, figuratively and literally. P still opens the door for me daily, and I know it's more of a gesture about him, than me. But when I'm not with him, there's room for all kinds of error.
Let's get into the mechanics first. Since the invention of the hinge, there is a direction dictated for all doors. There is a left swing and a right swing. If you've ever tried to match a pair of antique doors, you'd know that having one of each is imperative. Now here's the Really important part: When retailers build stores, they assume your hands will be empty going in, and on the way out your hands will be chock full of packages! Therefore: You will Pull a handle(towards you) going IN, and PUSH a handle going out, or push the door open with any available appendage.
Being in a retail store daily, I cannot tell you the Hundreds of times daily I hear someone pull our massive door towards them in hopes of heading out. Typically every 3-4 months the door needs to be serviced for being half way off the hinges. I'm positive, absolutely sure, that even if we made a nice little pre-printed, made- to -order "Push" sign, it most definitely would get missed. Even the Mom and Pop grocery store we go to up north has a standard modus operandi. The door entering the store is a push IN(advertised also), but on the way out there is an automatic door that opens when you walk over the mat approaching the door. The door opens automatically, because there is no way you could reach the door to open it over you Full cart. It's comical to watch people go to the door to enter and just stand there, waiting for it to open!
Elevator doors are a whole other story.
Thankfully, my regularity for riding in one of those capsules is relatively low. Let's go back to Manners Class 101: People riding in the elevator, have the ABsolute right of way when exiting. People waiting to get on are to stand beside the door opening, until all have exited. Each time I ride one of these things I am exasperated at the times my feet have been run over by a stroller, stepped on, or bumped into, by someone who clearly was in a bigger hurry than me. I have had to squeeze myself out sideways in order for the stroller brigade to by-pass my right to exit. I can assure you, allowing me to exit swiftly will be a small expenditure of time compared to the compromise we'll have to go through if you insist on getting in before I get Out.
So this holiday season, Hold Open a Door,(pull In) stand by the side of an elevator, and remember, that you are not the only one going Out, or coming In.

Friday, October 24, 2014

The Means to my Madness

I get it. I totally understand. You have no idea What to Wear.
Truth is, even the deepest wells run dry. Mine included.
I get asked, all the time, Just about daily, How I figure it all out.
I admit, we all stand in front of our closets, small or grand, and do the same thing.
However, I have a(fun) solution.
It usually starts with a Mall Haul, or perhaps I've been perusing on Pinterest(hint*hint* follow Me!). My sage advice: Stay AWAY from the Women's Fashion section. I'm using "air quotes" for women's fashion because it's mostly just full of denim shirt, black leggings/ boot combo=Boring. So head else where, start with a page you love from a catalog, a combination of colors, or an online image and head north, or what ever direction your closet may be in.
Lay everything out so you can see exactly what you have a start pulling! Don't forget about the eye candy(accessories!) that's the Fun part! P.S. I Love the juxtaposition of a chunky sweater and a sparkly bottom! (p.s. this was actually a dress I'll be wearing as a midi- skirt!) and Leopard? Leopard is a neutral ladies!
I Love mixing colors next to each other on the color wheel(remember That from art class) Very analogous of me! A very well- known retailer who's name rhymes with "brew" is known for doing this very thing!
Ohh Snap!I spy a denim shirt! Call it Lumberjack chic! Pearls keep it Classy:)
And VOILA! I have 6 outfits to Go-to in the mornings when I have No idea What to Wear!
Plus, Annie and I got to play dress up in the closet with our morning coffee! 
Go ahead, and play this weekend- I Dare you! Eventually I swear, there will also be a means to Your madness!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Gold Stars & my Gone Girl review

**Spoiler ALERT!!**
If your at all intuitive , or can read, you'll know that this post is about the movie, and partially the book. And if your not interested in hearing the Giveaway before you've seen or read it, this and many other reasons may be why this Blog isn't for you.
So I went in blind. Stark blind. I had only seen the previews and heard a small amount of hub- bub about the book. If you remember, I'm an loyal reader. I read primarily and only Non- fiction. The tru-er the better, and if we can mix in a little well-known crime,, Perfect. So after hearing the hub- bub about the book, I wasn't budging. But the previews, the previews made me curious. Curious enough P and I went to see it on opening night! Another note: We frequent our local movie theatre only about once a year, if that. The thought of putting my head where others have been and the rampancy of head lice, strangely isn't enticing.
We went in armed with Swedish Fish and Raisinettes. We had half a box of the fish finished before the movie began. Once it started, I forgot all about those fish. The casting is good, the woman in the lead is icy and excellent. The male character.. well after I let people know we saw the movie, people were Dying to know how his full frontal was. Excuse me? Ben Affleck full frontal? Well apparently there's a shower scene, and he's all "out with it", and I'm telling you, it was such Not a big deal, I didn't even notice! Yes, apparently not That Big of a deal. People also inquire, "Didn't you just Hate him?".. Umm..I dislike him more for being Mr. Jennifer Garner than in this movie. It just was too convenient to blame anything on him. Too easy.
There were scenes I couldn't watch. and scenes I couldn't stop watching. There was truth in the relationship that I could relate to, and maybe that was worse than any war movies we typically watch. Scenes that P and I would digest the next day and week long. The violence, the blood and all the damn blood! Douggie Hauser had a horrible ending and now suddenly the true crazy has come out.
The crazy and the concept that two people, could treat each other this way.
I almost couldn't watch the end of it, but always the things that truly get a reaction out of you, loop you back in for more.
When we left the theatre, I couldn't even carry a conversation on with P. I had an upset stomach, and an even more upset psyche. As someone who had just celebrated their 2nd wedding anniversary, I questioned how anyone stays married. Even though it was dramatic, even for a movie, I considered how many miserable couples are out there. And I have known a many. They may not go to the lengths to hurt each other as these two had, but isn't hurt, Hurt?  I knew I was taking this far too seriously and reminded myself, I had the courage once to leave a life potentially this miserable.
I had to remind myself that, That Girl was Gone, and this Girl see's stars, and Everything will be  Golden and Good for many years to come.