Monday, September 22, 2014

The 2 of us, on our 2 year

Sunday September 21st , P and I celebrated 2 years, just the 2 of us. We originally planned to go to a fancy dinner at the place we had our reception, but they were closed! After a great breakfast, we headed(in the rain!) to a local pumpkin farm to deck out our front porch.
P got to pick the 1st one(traditional and orange) and after that I followed suit. I had No idea when I lifted the huge white pumpkin, that it weighed 50 pounds! Good thing we got a cart!
After visiting the pumpkin farm, we made our way to our favorite town about 10 minutes away. They were hosting their annul Wine & Harvest Festival. The city streets shut down and local artisan's and farmers come to sell their wares. We were actually suppose to get married at the festival at a blacksmith shop turned restaurant, but last minute changes forced a venue change.
So in the end there were no fancy romantic meals, no fireworks at dusk, but I Was seeing stars all day, Just the 2 of us on our 2 year Anniversary   

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