Thursday, September 25, 2014

Shorelines & Sick Days

It's That time of year.
No, Not the Most Wonderful Time of the Year,, but that's soon to follow. Just as soon as the schools have filled up, the petri dishes and the doctor's offices are soon to overbook. In my neck of these woods, it's just about the best weather time. And then it happens. Someone gets "it" and is all too willing to pass it on. And it spreads faster than jelly on a peanut butter sandwich. Just this past weekend we had a respiratory infection sweep through our house. Yes, 74 degrees and I'm in bed stacked with 3 sweaters.
I get sick. I'm not ashamed to admit it. I get sick far too often for my liking. A respected friend of mine just said to me, "Your the sickest person I know"..Umm Thanks? Perhaps it's a product of getting older, but Yes. I get sick. I also don't really take days "off". Sure there are days I don't go to work. But this control and project freak is always doing Something. I don't just sit around and eat bean burritos and watch Netflix on my days off. No shame to those who do, it's just not my speed. I prefer 75 on a dirt road and a throttle under my thumb. This is perhaps why I get sick. I even have a special concoction that I've recently developed to drink. Hot water: Steep 1 bag of lemon tea, steep 1 bag of Throat Coat, 2 sugar cubes, and drop in 1 honey-lemon cough drop before drinking.
I also work with the public. Constantly. And let me enlighten you, if you don't know. The general public is Filthy. If you've served, stood at a counter, or had to share a public bathroom with the general public, you know exactly what I'm speaking of. I see people go into the restroom frequently throughout the day. And because there is one of those turbo hand dryers instead of paper towels, I can tell you with all certainty, 95% of hands don't go near that hand dryer. Which also means, the sink stays empty also. So everyone around you going to the bathroom? Yup, they don't wash their hands. In a strange coincidence, just a few weeks ago the soap disappeared from the bathroom! Shockingly, this wasn't the first time that has happened! These people have a Special place waiting for them.
There are no sick hero's. Superman probley never had strep throat. And if he did, I doubt he headed into Gotham City telling everyone How sick he was. That's the strange thing. People wear sickness like a badge. They apparently Love getting out and letting everyone know exactly how sick they are. They want everyone to know how exceptionally committed they about their job, or running car pools, that they cannot possibly take a day Off. I remember in grade school, the kid at the end of the year that got the award for perfect attendance. Did I also mention he was the resident nose-picker and consumer? Gross.
I'm asking early, and I'm asking nicely. This season, do us all a favor. If your carrying around all your un- used sick days like a trophy, perhaps it's time to cash those in, eat some bean burritos, and fill you night with Netflix

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