Monday, September 1, 2014

Bomb Pops & keeping September in Summer

Stop it.
Stop it right now.
It's Not over. It Can't be over. There's no crispness to the air, and I don't hear anyone overweight singing.
Well I am, I am singing. I am singing for September. I'm not really that great so lets change that to, I am shouting rom the rooftops to keep September in summer.
Leave it to humans to put a time limit on keeping my toes toasty. Leave it to humans to be their own buzzkill. And coming from a girl that lost the most important man in her life to a disease that robs you of time, why are we rushing things? Why are we all so ready to celebrate the "Bounty of Fall", when the mercury is finally meeting 90? How soon we forget ADD America: Polar Vortex?? Do you Not remember the thrice weekly shoveling shows? I vividly remember retreating to couch after work nightly, neglecting my much- needed workout. It was Freezing, all the time, and the last thing I wanted to do was strip down to my booty shorts and sports bra! Adderall anyone?
All over this weekend was the "Un-official End to Summer". Say what? I feel like were just getting started! P and I have eaten at one patio this year without being wrapped in a jacket. We have taken the dogs to the beach once, and gone on a motorcycle ride once. I'm telling you: Once is Not enough for this gal. I want warmth on my face, silence, and wind in my hair. Case in point: I bought a new vehicle in late April, and just last week I noticed the temperature reading in the car never, ever reached above 84, ALL summer!! Starting now lawn mowers make no more noise and all children must now play inside. I feel badly for all the kids that just want to wear their new back to school clothes, but now it's finally bikini weather. Like I said, Buzzkill.
Last week a blogger I follow did an outfit post begging the question, "Is it too early or Flannel?" Dozens of people posted, "Heck No, bring it on", or "I'm so sick of Summer" and the absurdly announcement of The #PSL is Backkkk!(look it up people) So there she was in all her flannel glory, with skinny jeans and boots. Did I happen to mention she lives 60 miles south of Boca Raton, FL??
Yes, Absurd. So I posted in the most polite was possible, eehhmm: " I love your style, but this look is a bit forced for Florida". And what happened? My comment was deleted. Ohh ok, we're going to play That game. Well I stroke no ego's, in September or any other month Sweetheart.
So I may just try singing again. If it allows me to skinny dip, or soak up more harmful UVA rays during recess, heck, I'll belt one out. My summer hasn't ended over here and neither should yours. We've got the next 6-9 months to sleep in sweatpants and sip warm drinks.
For now, September, I'll order us 2 tall cold ones and say:Cheer's to ya!