Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Quick Change Artist

I've been the shy girl, the gym girl, & the motorcycle girl. The Climber girl, the skier girl, the camping girl. The shooter, the Styler and the Re- Habber. I have worn many hats in this lifetime, and am an excellent Quick Change Artist. I am the first and the last one to say, You can't change a Cheetah's spots, and why would you want to. But I have lately been thinking about the universal phenomenon of morphing that one goes through when in a relationship.
Disagree with me? I call b.s.
Recently a gal and I were talking about a mutual friend of ours. This woman, divorced and in the dating scene, is going through a metamorphosis of her own. Depending on what day in is this damsel my be collecting the offering at Sunday Service, or swinging from a chandelier on a Friday night. Depending on who her date is.
 Don't mis- interpret this into me believing someone cannot change their interests. You absolutely can. However, you can watch what I'm talking about in action on any Given Sunday in America when professional football is playing. Suddenly someone who doesn't know what a first down is, is the first one to buy the team jersey in the pro shop with her new man. Or she's at home preparing a feast for fellow football watchers, all along feeling like she'd rather be watching Friends. And don't count me out on this. I too have succumb to stagnant television watching. Just before meeting P, I briefly saw someone that was a baseball Fanatic. A freakin' Fanatic! He insisted on watching every moment of every single game, and that grew real old, Real soon. Don't get me wrong, hand me a hot dog and a cute hat at the game and I'm IN. Park me on a sofa for 7 hours and this game is O-V-E-R.
When I met P, I was un-apologetically honest with him. A yellow caution sign figuratively was blinking over my head. He met me and I had a flask and a .40 in my handbag. It was a bit of a bender weekend! In any accord, I didn't have to be anyone but myself. I think it was a bit of a dare, that I didn't try to disguise myself myself as someone I wasn't. And I never felt compelled to. Sure, do I do things I may not have now that we share time together? Absolutely. Do I have still have my spots? Sure. And have I unloaded my handbag a bit? Definitely.
Let me leave you with a thought that stopped me dead in my tracks this week:(and I'm no Buddhist)
"The Buddhists say, if you meet someone and your heart pounds, your hands shake, your knees go weak, that's Not the one. When you meet your "soul mate", you'll feel calm, no anxiety, no agitation".

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