Wednesday, August 20, 2014

" How much Jewelry, , do you Have!?"

It came as a shock. I wasn't prepared for it at all. 
I have know P for 5 summers now. He has moved me 3 times in 5 years and he never once even uttered the words... Until tonight. As part of the ongoing Closet Creation I am doing, today was jewelry day. I have acquired a shocking amount of sparklers and it was time to get them in some sort of order.
My Grandmother and her sister were quite the collectors. It was always a great treat to go see them and be the recipient of some rubies and other rock stones. My own mother and sisters didn't seem to understand the affinity. These two girls had boxes and buckets of the baubles! My grandma's sister never had any children. She married Walter and they built a wonderful brick Cape Cod in northern Wisconsin. Walter worked for the Post Office and Mabel was a regular volunteer for the Humane Society. They both gave generously to their chosen cause and there are numerous monuments still in their name. She spent every last dollar she had on accessories and animals. I often wonder if my own attachment to animals comes from them. And now after tonight, I know the accessories have followed suit.
So today, I headed to the local Home Improvement store to get some supplies to store my sparklers.
I know after storing them multiple ways: clear Zip-Loc bags, using every doorknob and them some in the house, seeing what I have in inventory is Key! The inside door of my new dress closet, proved to be the perfect canvas for the new white pegboard. Up the boards went, and the jewelry followed, and followed,, and followed. And what came next, stopped me in my be-dazzeled tracks.
"How much jewelry, do you Have?" P asks. The look on my face must have said it all, because he quickly, corrected, and claimed he was kidding. Apparently the 3 times he moved me, the man had no idea the magnitude of metal I owned.
So take note fellas: As for hair color, age, and now jewelry, the old saying that I'm sure Walter wished on others reins effective today.
"A lady never tells, and a gentleman never asks"

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