Sunday, August 17, 2014

Giving Summer, the Boot

I usually don't do many "fluff" pieces,,, but after last weeks Birthday post and some of the unnecessary, but completely Proving-my-Point backlash,, why not!?
We woke up this morning to a balmy 60 degree day. In August!! And to add insult to injury, this came immediately following a day spend mostly in our bathing suits in Lake Michigan. As part of my recent guest bedroom turned Closet Creation(pics in a later Post to follow) I needed to better my boot storage solution.
As a regular subscriber of a chosen few glossy magazines, I have a hard letting go some of my favorites. Anyone remember Blueprint magazine?? Or Cookie!!? The best! So I have successfully squirreled away in my trusty matching ottomans, the Ming Dynasty of magazines. 
I took some of the recent, and some not- so- recent rags and rolled those puppies upright and into the boots. 
P.S. Did I mention I Love the juxtaposition of Town & Country being in my Old Gringos? It's the kinda girl I am... 
I Love the way they're all lined up like toy soldiers in my dress closet! But it is Still August, and I may not be entirely ready to give Summer the Boot. My Gringo's however, will be ready to go for the first call from Fall.

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