Thursday, July 3, 2014

What do you want from me?

It's a question I don't believe I've ever asked. You may have noticed lately  Coffee over here has been light. Not in all due to a lack of material. I'm surrounded by bad human behavior daily.
I started this blog mainly as a forum to Share bad experiences we All encounter. Pepper in a little Sass and a Dash (pun intended for those of you that know my maiden name) and some cute #OOTD's, and we have 1 not-so- ordinary blog.
But the blessing and the curse if being married is the censorship that comes with it. This is the primary reason I wasn't Friends with P on social media until 3 years after I knew him. Yes...he hardly reads this little ditty,, but you can Best be sure if I'm ranting about something somewhat controversial- he'll put his 2 cents in. Truth be told, I have been marinating about the future of this little morsel.

Almost a year in, nearly 10,000 views and 140 some posts. The question remains: What do you want from me?
When do you read this?
Do you discuss with others?
Does it make you laugh?
Do you enjoy the personal stories? 
Do you have a topic you'd like me to discuss? 

I need to know.
This independence day, I'm taking a break. I may post a few pics here and there, but will be soaking my head to get this awful Daughtry song outta my head.
* Your feedback will be read and considered. 

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