Monday, July 28, 2014

The Bailer & the Blue Dress

It happened to P.
Just a few days ago, it finally happened to P 
Not that I wished it upon him, or anyone else at all, but now maybe he can empathize with me.
P got bailed on. And I'm sure he wouldn't appreciate me sharing this, but more so in attempt to protect the bailer. Ppssshhhh...
To completely understand this topic, I will give you a brief, and very common scenario of a commonplace bail. Although if your an intelligent person, you should have Known what were about to cover here based totally on the title. So here it is. Lets say it's a Wednesday or Thursday, and your having a conversation with a friend. You may have had a discussion about an event going on, exchanged ideas of a destination or even referenced traveling together. The bailer goes on to reference a time in which they will call, or text to solidify plans. And that's where it starts.
You wait. And you wait. You may even send a text or call Their way to confirm that you were actually going to see each other. But the text isn't answered. And the phone doesn't ring. So meanwhile while your waiting, other opportunities may come your way. Other people will want to secure something, and real friends will truly show- up. And you, being the good friend You are, you choose to honor the original commitment, and decline those other offers. I cannot even begin to tell you how it feels to get ready, and sit, and wait, for someone to never show up. I unfortunately am fluent in this activity. So to hear P go through this, to hear him be so disappointed, and feel like he wasn't a priority? Super sucky. Ohh,, the call Will come, the Bailer does have a conscious, a fingernail width at That. He or she will Eventually remember they left someone hanging.
My friend circle is Extremely small. "I keep a close watch on this heart of mine" says Johnny Cash. But its true. If I'm talking about one of my "friends", I'm talking about only 1 of 3 people. And I'm okay with that. I more often than not, reference someone I'm No longer friends with. And eventually, and they always ask, Why I'm no longer friends with That person? Resounding answer: I grew tired of being the one to put forth all the effort. Your familiar with these friends. They always want You to come over, drive there, or meet them. They will never, ever come out to you. I have even referenced with these people, that it's equal distance for me to drive to them, as it is for them to drive to me. Shocking , I know. I'm over the waiting, and the promises, and hope. So its easier for me to say Sayonara , then continue to be stepped on. One former friend even has the nerve to contact me once a year during the State Fair Just to use my house as her personal parking space!
So this year, the jig is up. You'll have to pay for your parking. If leveraging our friendship for what you can get out of it crosses your mind?  If you don't have the decency to directly call and let me know something came up, that we can't connect?  Well then, take someone else on your Ferris Wheel of Friendship. Cuz this girl ain't buyin' a ticket.

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