Tuesday, July 15, 2014

It's (almost) Free to be Fat

Let me start out by saying, This blog isn't about what you Think it's about.
It's not about a number on the scale, or the number sewed onto the back of your shirt. Although we may touch briefly on both of those points of interest. And of course I only saw it fitting to don my new "Whatever, I'm having Cheese Fries" tank for this post.
P and I don't keep a scale in our home. Never have. I actually haven't had one in my life since I lived with my parents. I see it as an object that can manipulate your morning, determine your day, and control your subconscious. I choose Not to give that power to a little metal object. Since co- habiting with P, our grocery getting and food planning has gone though more revolutions than a corn dog at the State Fair. And it always astounded me,
"Why is bad food, so cheap?"
I can almost hear people in our friend circle, giving somewhat scientific, and practical reasons as to why. And I'm sure there are people, far more educated than I, that could enlighten me about the land costs, and the hiring hands, and the picking, moving costs of produce. This I know. But why is it, when I buy my weekly bananas, I can get 5 solid skins for the price of a chocolate bar? And when did they need to start selling sweaty workout clothes, next to steaks? Why have we made it so easy to be obese? As I sat waiting in line the other day for my Nacho's Bell Grande, I paid my bill and concluded,
It's Almost Free to be Fat.
But as it invades your life, then can become cripplingly costly.
I totally understand it takes effort to eat well. Luckily, I love my fruits and vegetable's, and consume my fare share of "crap food" conservatively(including Cheese fries!) The entire time I was growing up my Mom had at least 2 desserts going at all times. My Dad had a rather large sweet tooth and finished most of his nights inside a bowl of brownies with a hot fudge sundae on top. Did I mention the man tipped the scales at mere 160? Because he, nor I, over consume. I cannot even fathom it. I'm usually in 2 bites and I'm done. Truth be told, I don't even eat most of the baked goods I concoct.
This summer,I will be doing my share of tasting and indulging in the new Fried Foods to try at my local County Fair. The Fair always runs parallel to my birthday and I have gone almost every year since I've been born. It's a tradition we love to ramp up. I'm sure there will be a lion's share of scooters ready to transport those around, who cannot waddle on their own for the Blooming Onion. And I'm certain, the entire time I'll still be wondering,
"Why it's (almost) Free to be Fat?"

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