Friday, July 18, 2014

A (Dress) the issue

First things first: I am the voice of this blog and no one else. And my voice promotes this blog and no one else. I am not a paid spokeswoman for anyone or anything else.
A "Noteworthy Retailer" earlier this week debuted an "extended size" for it's women's sizing options. The retailer debuted a 000. Yes, That's a triple- zero. One size smaller than a double zero, and 2 sizes smaller than a single zero. The size is available in the Asian markets and selectively online. As dutifully coached by the marketing geniuses, the company made multiple public statements about how this size option becoming available was in wide response to customers asking for it. They also made the calculated comparison that they also offer sizes available up to 20. Yes, you read 20.
So, out come the feminists, the liberals, and the battle cries from all womankind. Claiming all the regular clauses: By offering smaller sizing options, this promotes unhealthy body expectations. By offering a 000, it's saying to women worldwide, that a double 00 is Not small enough. By offering a triple 000, now everyone will immediately think they Have to be That size. Wrong.
Call me Captain Obvious, but does it disturb Anyone else, that there isn't this reaction to a size 20? Doesn't That more so promote an unhealthy body image? Maybe I'm still on my cheese fries kick from earlier this week, but Why do we cater to obesity? But then chastise a sizing option on the other side of the figurative and literal scale? Here's another Captain Obvious moment:
 Did you know a children's size 12-14 is relative to a women's XS or Small? Yes, so there are thrones of women out there, including this Blogger, running around in children's clothing!! And people think they're ridiculous, but wouldn't second guess if they said they were wearing a women's small. Light bulb moment: It's Wayyyyy cheaper, and Wayyyyyy cuter! So I see it as a genius marketing idea to offer a smaller size at double the price!
OK, so don't offer a smaller size, don't hire a smaller model, remove pages, photoshop, big or small. You cannot remove everything that may make someone feel bad. Because even if I never would have seen a magazine with a supermodel spread, there would still have been the Amber Tomasello's and the Kristin Kershasky's in my life that I would constantly compare myself to. I needed to go through all the ugliness, and doubt. I can remember the day Jolene Heintz and I measured the circumference of our thighs!!!
Unless you, like me a(Dress) your body issues, you'll always be hostage of comparison.
Truth is: I grew out of it, and grew into myself. I got over it and into a gym. I got busy and said Sayonara to those girls, with likely their own issues. My parents were the cultivators of my future, and they were growing confident girls. Even girls now, that are okay with eating Cheese Fries! 

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