Thursday, June 12, 2014

Smokin'(not) Hot

Often people will ask me what my little blog is about. When they hear that the topics usually circulate around Human Behavior, or Relationships, a quizzical look always will follow. So I try and make them more at ease by letting them know I also post my daily outfits. This usually works, but makes me feel like I've compromised. See in my eyes, this life needs less of the "Gifted" blogger wardrobe posts and more talk of what's Actually going on.
Last week(as previously mentioned) P and I attended a heartfelt service for one of his good friends. Since I'm currently quarantined from discussing (the perils of censorship) how That all went down, I choose to share one of my Take- Aways. There we were approaching the service. It was a beautiful day and unseasonably warm. There in front of us were about 200 people.
They were All Smoking.
Can I just ask the question: When did people Start Smoking again??
I have not gone un- smoked in this lifetime. The last year of high school saw me many a cup of sweetened coffee, followed up by a Benson & Hedges(dating myself here). And even as of recent, at a friends housewarming party out in the garage, and at a summer Bar- be- que. The same always happens to me. I get through about 1/2 of said cigarette, and wonder how in Sam hell can people do this!? That isn't the smoking I'm speaking of. The type I'm talking about is:  buying a whole pack, having multiple burn marks in your car, and having no fewer than 3 lighters at your disposal at any given moment. The wake up in the morning and go to bed at night, but not yet before the final flame burns.
And before you pull out the argument that smoking is "Retro Chic", I will contest, that there is nothing "retro", nor "chic" about doing something that makes you smell and taste like an ashtray. For those of us who remember when you could still smoke in restaurant's, bars, and hey even airplanes, I have a message from your hair, skin, and clothes: Thank YOU!! And every girl who has stood in the shower on a Sunday morning and waited for the stale stank to steam out of her pores, knows exactly what I'm speaking of. There a young girl I see on a regular basis that's in the Smokey Joe's club. She is literally in the prime of her mid 20's. She regularly runs, works out, and wafts past me resembling more Joe Camel, than cute girl. What in the world is she smoking for!?
My Dad smoked a pipe for years. The man actually smoked a pipe! None of my other fancy friends fathers did that. But I enjoyed it. I knew it relaxed him, and in later years knew he wasn't inhaling. I didn't necessarily enjoy when he did it on the 3 hour ride home from Grandma's with the windows rolled up. But if those windows would have been open, I doubt I would still have vivid memory of the cherry flavored tobacco he used.
These days, my kinda smoke includes some graham crackers and chocolate. And the only thing Hot about it, is the marshmallow that may go up in flames if my stick gets too close to the campfire!
Sounds, and smells,,, just perfect.

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