Sunday, May 4, 2014

Signs, signs, Everywhere there's Signs

It's only fitting that I write about Signs today. After being off an entire week and finishing it off in the North woods, I of course, have had too much time to think. 
As a regular activity, we head out down the forest roads and walk the dogs. Sometimes we walk for an hour and sometimes just a few minutes. Today I found another withered gem to hang in our home. I'm not quite sure why the Private Property sign got me super excited, but after eyeing it on a fallen tree in the ditch, my glitter sneakers and I went in after it.
Things with a story and a history speak to me, they always have. Given a Sunday morning in the summer, an I will be flea Marketing with the best of them, searching for things with a story.
I take Signs in Life, too seriously. Too often I have ignored obvious signs, that I thought I could work past. So now, as a product of that I take everything as a sign. It's really quite the conflict of interest. If your a coffee blogger regular, you already know that I put what happens 99% in my own two hands. Leaving only 1% to "Fate, destiny, or another type of divine intervention". However, when something irregular, or unexpected happens, I wonder if it's a "Sign", guiding me another direction. And as an obsessive over thinker, it marinates.
Take the week of my Bachelorette Party. I had dropped off a suit I'd be wearing that weekend at the monogrammers. I was having them embroider my new last name, and our wedding date on the back of the jacket. The day before the weekend trip started, I was off to pick up the suit. I was so excited for the weekend, I didn't notice until I was in the car headed home that the WRONG DATE was embroidered on the jacket!!!! Fast forward 80mph back to the monogrammers where we compared notes on what the direction was. I apparently transposed the numbers, and instead of writing down September 21st(our wedding day) I wrote down September 12th(coincidentally my sisters birthday!) Fast forward again to me in the car hysterical to my best friend over the phone. Was this a sign?? Could this be a Sign I should Not ignore?! Was this happening for a reason? Never, ever before had doubt crept into my head about this union. And after some time, she reassured me, It wasn't a Sign. It may have been a gentile reminder that I'm completely dyslexic, and need to eat a snack when my blood sugar plummets. But it definitely wasn't a sign to steer me away from my future with this man.
We came to a compromise. That weekend I wore the jacket, and had some drinks in laughter over it. I joked that the jacket would now have to become my sisters, seeing that it had her birth date on it. After the weekend I returned the jacket to the monogrammer, and a heart shaped patch was stitched over the wrong date. On top the pink heart was the number "21". Now,,,that's the first time I thought about that number and thought,,"HHmm lucky 21..should I take that s a sign??"
Who wants to go to Vegas!!?? 

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