Tuesday, May 27, 2014

(No) Service in the Northwoods

I never imagined myself being in the service industry. As we've covered here on Coffee, I' m really not great at meeting new people, and most people don't "get me". So being in a position, where I have to bring you, or provide you with something wasn't in my original agenda. I'm better behind the scenes. But someone extremely savvy years ago taught me some of the greatest life skills a gal can have: The Power to make People Part with their Paper(their money) The other life skill taught by my Dad: Maple syrup goes a lot farther than Vinegar, took quite a bit longer for me to hone.
This is what I know to be true: If you run or own a business, You Must:
1. Hire the best looking people you can find to work your business every day. People want to buy things from pretty people. It's the honest to the core truth. If you're in sales, and don't have the hair, teeth, skin, and outfit in check, you will be cashing a significantly smaller check, than you would having your look in line. And it doesn't matter if your peddling bicycles, or pouring drinks. You don't actually think people Like the food at Hooter's,,do you? One of the nearest towns to us up north, has 3 different "Gentlemen's Club's". The surrounding communities have a combined population of about 3,500 people. As much as we would like to believe, these women don't just grow up beautiful, live up north, and want to bare their nether regions. So these Club's, bus them in, cart them over the border, or what ever else they need to do to get the spending started. And apparently it works. The Full Moon Saloon is frequently standing- room only.
2. Play well with others.
That's right, even I just wrote Play well with Others. You are here to exchange goods or services with these some body's, in exchange for their money. And this may be shocking news, but the better you are to people, the more their going to want something from you. This is where the maple syrup comes in. Case in point: If you've ever been to a small art show, or  Farmer's Market, or a boutique, and you've Really connected with that person, but didn't need to buy some thing? I've found myself looking, again and again. Looking for just Something so I could support their business. And ended up purchasing a present for a friend.
So when P and I have time off, we head north to our favorite get-away. We drive almost 5 hours, to unwind, and undo all the stress of the city. We take the trails to taverns, sled to supper- clubs, and sometimes even drive for dinner. And we dream about living in this place. P and I talk about how many dogs we'd have, what we'd do on Sunday nights, and inevitably what would we do for work. It wouldn't be easy at first, but it would be worth it. To run a resort, develop a day camp, and to have a place where families can make a history like the ones P has from his younger years.
But it's different now. These places are numbered. Many of them have leveled and condo'd off. The ones that remain are run down, and run by some resentful owners. They're resentful about buying too high, selling too low, or just having no business. Desperation sets in, and doing nothing is deemed way easier than doing Something.
This Sunday, we took a quick ride to a place we hardly ever go. After seeing 3 different owners over the last, going on 4 years, it hasn't been a place with a great track record. But with a new patio facing the lake, and a sunny 80 degree day, we decided to (once again) give it a try. We took a seat outside and soon realized there was no wait staff to be found. 80 degrees and no one working the patio. Strike 1. No problem, P and I went inside and ordered. After round 1, he went back in to order 2 more and to inquire about lunch. After 15 minutes, the drinks were poured and the less than personable proprietor let him know there would at least be an hour to 90 minute wait on food!? He almost felt compelled to apologize for "Bothering" her..Almost(sarc.) She continued to let him know about everything they had going on the day before, and how many orders would be in front of ours. Yes, take 15 minutes to get your drink order completed, then talk you Out of spending more money here on perhaps 2-3 more drinks within that 90 minutes, waiting on your food. Apparently she was missing the memo that it was Memorial Day weekend, and perhaps hiring some extra help, could have been helpful. Did I mention that this establishment is accessible by 2 wheels, 4 wheels, boats, and airplanes?? 
This woman may be trying to make her own dream manifest. Maybe she visited this place years ago as we have and got ready to retire a restaurant owner. But I watched her waddle around behind the bar, and want everyone to go away. So can someone please tell me, If there's plenty of people like us, willing to travel, and spend money helping to make a community thrive,
Why is there (No)Service in the Northwoods?!

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