Thursday, May 8, 2014

Is Television, for the birds?

T.V., television, idiot box, boob tube, call it what you like, I've never been one to talk trash about television. Actually my favorite television to watch is more of the trashy variety. I don't turn on the tube to be enlightened, or educated. I watch simply to be entertained.
I started noticing about 5 years ago people having some definite opinions about weather or not it was socially acceptable to house a television in your home. People without the box would be boastful and revel in the shock value .People would ask, "You don't have a television?" "How do you know what's going On in the world?" As if they'd forgotten about the availability of newspapers and radio programming. My best friend doesn't have a television anywhere in her home. She has 2 children, and without t.v., yes, they're totally "Normal". They watch movies from time to time, or series on the computer.
My family home growing up had one television, and we didn't have cable until I was in middle school. My Saturday morning weren't spent watching cartoons in my pajamas. I was out in the yard building forts and filling my hair with burdock's. Every evening was spent with my Mom combing through the snarly mess I had made. It was because of this I have had (until recently) very short hair. We watched Saturday night television, 3 girls and my Mom while my Dad was at work. That is my television memory. I couldn't tell you what the weekly programming was, or what were the top shows. Love Boat and Fantasy Island were the only things on my radar. Now that I've completely dated myself, I'll move on...
I am in compete support of television  in the bedroom. I have found you are either okay with t.v in bedroom or your not. And most definitely the people I know that are adamant about Not having it in the bedroom, are trying hard to convince you there's "A Lot" going on in there, & they don't need t.v. Years ago, when P and I were first dating, I was sick at home with a cold. P came over with a brand new t.v. and a DVD player, so I could just watch Sex & the City reruns in bed while I rested. We have a television in our bedroom now. I look forward to our Saturday or Sunday mornings, that we can spend sipping coffee and watching Meet the Press, or Into the Outdoors. Or some nights, we just decide to retire early, and watch the news in our nightclothes.
So what we do in the bedroom is definitely our business. Leave the bragging to the birds, about weather or not you own a television. Having one, or not having one doesn't make you a better or worse person in these hazel eyes. I still read, write, and even talk on the telephone with great friends, despite the black box in my boudoir.

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