Thursday, May 22, 2014

Bleach and the Bachelor Pad

It happens, to everyone. To every girl I'm sure. How can it not? 
You start dating someone, and at some point...You have to end up seeing their place. God willing, he Has his own place. Luckily my dating days were quite numbered. I'm a serial, long- term kind of lady. I never did "Casual" in any sense of the word, combined with dating or any other "activity". Maybe I've got too many rules, or regulations. And Thankfully, the number of abodes I visited were numbered and few.
Earlier this week, a friend and I reminisced about our Bachelors and the pads they used to reside in. I distinctly remember the reaction I had when I first came to P's place. I could tell he was quite proud of being a homeowner, and also an avid Hunter. There were mammels, mammels Everywhere! Bears on blankets, deer on dinner plates, and a foosball table in the dining room.  And don't even get me started on the housewares. Every bachelor enviably believes that the $1 plastic soda cups from McDonalds are drinking glasses. Here's the thing: They're Not Glass!! It was his place though, and had great bones. Thick white woodwork and gorgeous maple floors. The bathroom needed serious S.O.S. I remember the first time I needed to use the facilities. It was after I had been there multiple times and I decided, I couldn't possible wait(Read: Ou Sont Les Toilettes) and lets add to the mix, I needed to use the shower(that's the Only detail you getting). Well,, let's just say, that was the fastest shower I've Ever taken, including the ones I use to take in the communal gym I trained at for years. Rubber shower curtain, bad candle, and even Worse towels, that had an "odor" to them that later had me basting them in bleach.
I have to change environments. I have to organize, feng shui, and fluff. If I am not comfortable in a space, I am extremely unrestful. By executing change, I believe I am improving the overall space for the home owner also. And if it' a place I go to on a regular basis, any investment I make is completely worthwhile.  So have me, and have my coffee mug, my down comforter, and my summer floatees. There was only one home I had been in during my dating time that I didn't feel compelled to change..well,, maybe a few things if the relationship went further. He was Greek and willing to spend what ever it took to make his home wonderful. It was a terrific Tudor home, built within the last few years and went on forever. There were no bachelor blankets, mounted heads, or musky towels. Even though his house was completely right, it was all wrong for me.
Maybe in the end, perhaps I didn't stay with him, because he didn't Need me. He didn't need me to make his house a Home. He didn't need me to buy him fuzzy slippers and freshen his sheets with linen spray. He didn't need to replace those towels with color coded monogramed ones, and I didn't Need him. In the end, I got exactly what I needed. Even if it did come with a house full of projects,
 I couldn't be happier with The Bleach & the Bachelor Pad

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