Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Why (not just anyone) Gets in to see the Wizard

Everyone is judge and jury on social media. The simplest of status updates can erupt into a political firestorm. Anything from what you ate for breakfast, to what you believe about vaccinations for children is banter for Internet thugs.
That's why I'm a wee bit, well, a huge amount disconcerting on who gets "in". If your going to judge my pictures, my thoughts, or my dinner decisions, I at least get to decide if your opinion is worth it. A gal I worked with some time ago recently started following me on Instagram. I immediately blocked her because: 1. I haven't spoken to her in at least a year. 2.She more than once, (tried) to throw me into the proverbial bus. And now she wants in on my life. She believes she may be worthy of having a window into my life. Nope. I have no need for the affirmation of someone I could care less about. 
My criteria is simple: If I wouldn't, right now, pick you up and go have coffee,,err, Tea, or a drink, then your OUT. And If I work with you? Selectively. No one that's in a position I manage for sure. It gets way too sticky. And by sticky I mean people take things way too personally and literally. And people get "Offended". Not worth it. I don't need to see what you do in your private life, and you don't need to see into mine.
I recently extended my Very small "Friend" circle to include a guy that one of my friends used to date,, err,"Have relations with". Just to open myself up, and just experience it. Well of course he accepted my friend request immediately. 2,500 friends and he accepts Me?? I should be so honored. (sarc). So the stuff this guy posts would put Tim the Tool guy to shame. Emphasis on the word Tool. Marathon runner, coast-to-coast traveler, and executive mogul of some Amway-esque business. Constantly fronting about what he's done, what he's sold, and who he's roped into the business. And if you look closely into the pictures of all the Sold Out seminars he speaks at(in hotel conference rooms) they're full of middle-aged parents and Asian investors. Ohh, and here's the best..err worst part. A former member of the military, that was kicked out. On every various military holiday, he likes to reminisce about "being in combat, and on the front lines". The only front line this Tool's ever been on is my front line of Deletions.
So my media of choice now is the Instagram. I get to see pictures and find people with similar interests. We don't have to mince words, or debate tax laws. We just get to see and <3 and move on. I recently received the Sweetest message from gal that lives about 90 miles from me. She let me know that she sees me at work pretty regularly when her and her mom come into town to shop. She professed that she loves my personal style and would love me to be her stylist! How Sweet was that!?Facebook initially started with just quick peeks of photos and tidbits of comments, or thumbs up's. That was before Zuckererg started winning multi- million dollar lawsuits and getting greedy for advertisers. I believe the median age bracket for Facebook users at this time is in the late 40's. It's for your parents now.
So call me a Catfish, call me Conservative and not open to everyone knowing my business. I'm totally okay with that. Last year on our honeymoon, P and I spent the week with the greatest family.  I would have loved to exchange information with them, but its wasn't something we remembered to do. I consider if I should have Facebook exchanged with them, but then I realized, phone calls an e- mails would have sufficed.(shocking) Even though they would have made the cut, I always remember
Not just anyone gets in to See the Wizard.

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