Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Color of Corruption

I had today(Sunday) off, and the more I thought about it, I have concluded that's it's probley best, for all of us, if I work on Sundays. Because on Sunday, I seem to think way more about things I shouldn't.
It all started, like it usually does, with something that I read, and shared on Social Media.
"Sometimes the nicest people you meet are covered in tattoos, & sometimes the most judgmental people you meet go to church on Sundays".
Heavy thoughts. Because who do we all hold in higher regard than the devout?
If you a Coffee Blog regular, you should know where I stand, or rather where I sit on Sundays and why.  I can't say that I've ever had an "awakening" or "Found God", because he was never a Missing Persons, in my book. It's a process that I don't pretend to understand. It's usually preceded by an awful, unlawful action and developed while suffering the consequences, God is found. I guess that's much more convenient and face saving than saying, "I realize I really screwed up". And if you relapse and commit a crime again? Then did you loose God? Or just lost your sense of right and wrong. Because I'm pretty sure one of the guys that sit on your shoulder, when wrong doing occurs, doesn't have long wavy hair, and wear a white robe.
Some people wear religion like a new outfit. It can be confidence boosting, and can introduce even the most shy to new people, giving a sense of Fitting In. It's something new to try for awhile. I recently tried a pair of boyfriend fit jeans on. I wanted them to work so badly, I attempted it multiple times. There was enough room in the crotch to stow my handbag, and the rear looked like I had an even bigger piece of cargo in the back. An enlightening girl I work with recently discussed with me a concept one of her professors has. He believes that most peoples relationship with God ends around age 10-12. It's when kids can speak up enough and fight going to worship. And it's when parents give up the fight and let them sleep in. Thus evolves, a relationship with God that resembles their same relationship with Santa. If they ask for something, they shall receive. This was a game changer for me, and something I'm Still thinking about. 
One of the most corrupt people I have known, used to be one of my managers. Melody Burnhardt, was a woman in her late 30's, had 2 children, was married and Extremely active in her parish. When I say Extremely active, I mean it was life enveloping. As a retail manager, she refused to work Any Sundays. As it is, the Lord's Day. I'm not old enough to remember stores Not being open on Sundays, but she is a big proponent of it. Every morning she would drop her children off at the day care at church and make her way to work. She used to eat a bagel sitting at her desk and could not be bothered, until both halves were finished, and the entire cream cheese tub was licked clean. Could not even speak a work to her until then. In the end, Karma caught up with old Melody. Turns out, every time she had to work, when she had other obligations for the church, she would pay her sitter(who also worked for her) out of the cash register!!
I'm not sure what exactly is the Color of Corruption is. But I do know for sure that I, on several occasions, I have seen Red, when dealing with the devout and divine.

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