Tuesday, April 8, 2014

No Ordinary Love

I'm the best, and the worst person to ask for relationship advice.
I'm either going to tell you to walk away, or go full steam ahead. That's the way my mind works. We're either On, or we're Off. We're either at Zero or 75. I'm not friends with anyone I've previously dated. It's too hard. To be that close with someone, then have it end, and still have to see them and Not act on what once came naturally. Nope, Can't do it. The last person I dated before P was shocked we couldn't be friends. I told him to consider it a compliment.
From the second that P proposed I never had any doubts about exchanging vows for a lifetime with him. My worry and my nervous stomach that had been a part of me for 30+ years we're non- existent. Even on the day that we were married, my best friend had stopped by to get dressed with me and she wondered, "Why are you so calm?" Truth was, getting married was the most normal thing I have done. To date. It was no ordinary day, For No Ordinary Love. Now don't worry, I'm not going to profess and declare that I was marrying my best friend. P isn't my best friend. She's down in N.C. But he is the one I want to spend every other day with. Truth is, when I think about a time without him, I almost can't breathe. That's not ordinary.
I know friends, good friends that have had doubts. Doubts before, during, and after it's legal. Friends that have been standing in the church, wanting to run out. Friends that have heavily considered, and then some thankfully cancelled just weeks before. Friends that for weeks and even years, try to make it right. And some of them even add children to the mix. Because we all know children make a tense situation so much calmer. (Sarc.) Indulging in my favorite pastime last week yielded me the quote of the week. Jenelle, mother of Jace age 4, age 21 and has been pregnant twice afterwards and now on her 3rd, says to the baby daddy, "When this baby comes we'll be so busy, we won't have Time to argue!". Right.
If everyone of us has just one life to live, wouldn't you want it to be extraordinary? Wouldn't you want to share it with your someone amazing? How could you live with doubt? How could you live with someone you doubt? Wouldn't you want, to want no more?
Because if it's wrong, it's never going to be right. It's just going to be Ordinary.

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