Friday, April 25, 2014

(Get Your) Move On

"Dude,,I'm moving to California". "Yeah, I'm moving, to Colorado" and even, "Hey, I'm headed out to Seattle". That's how is Starts. Always the high impact states. No one ever Announces their moving to Iowa, or Ohio. And poor South Dakota, always gets the shaft. Not impressive enough. I can't even tell you how may people in my life have said they're moving to Denver. Don't even get me started about the most over-rated state in America.
Now I have always said, and even Blogged about taking one time in your life and moving far enough away, you can't drive home easily. I think it's really the best thing you can do for yourself. You realize what you can live with, and what you can't live without. But that's Not what this blog post is about. It's about the people that have to tell Everyone they're moving. It's a cry for "Ohh don't leave", or "Why are you going There?" I suppose it's quite disappointing when I say, "Great, then go". Chances usually are, the more people someone tells they're moving, the less chance they will actually go and ever better chance they'll be back inside a year.
Years ago, before my sister followed my footsteps and moved out west, she announced she was moving to Seattle. I had just returned back and my mom was convinced she could cancel her Southwest Airlines card. For Christmas that year I had put together a cute package that included rain boots, an umbrella, carry on luggage, and enough Starbucks gift cards for the way out there. She didn't actually move for another 2 years. A kid I new in college announced he was headed to L.A. We had a big going - away party, and a few of us collected the little money we had and chipped in for his U- Haul rental. He never moved, and there I was feeling awkward, wondering if I could get the money back from the U- Haul fund!
Rules of Moving:
1. Until you Actually move, and are on your way, Does everyone Really need to know? Telling thrones of people your moving  is a form of "Crying Wolf" that actually makes me howl.
2. Unless you are moving for a Specific job, or to attend an institution for higher learning, the move may not go your way and I give you 6 months in your address before you'll be back.
3.If you are moving for a specific job, and That job isn't Moving You? Well then, they Really didn't Want you That bad and your a poor negotiator. My sister and her husband have moved cross- country twice now in the last 6 months and I was flabbergasted the last move had to be covered by Them!! Here's a grown man moving a household and he didn't negotiate that? Head shaking.
So if your destination is anywhere like Alaska or Alabama, Tally Ho and get your Move On. I want you to move, see the world, and don't just talk about it. But if your just talking about it and don't actually have any solid plans, maybe it's best for us both for you to Move On

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