Sunday, April 20, 2014

Dime Time

I find Dimes. I find them everywhere. I find them on the ground. I find them on a shelf, I find them on the tire of a new car I'm test driving. I find them when I open a new handbag at the department store and want to look inside. I only find Dimes. I don't find quarters, pennies, or ever paper money. It started about 5 years ago. My Mom nor my Sister finds them, just me. Sure, I work with money every day, but the circumstances, and the places I find the Dimes are uncanny
My Grandma Olive(Don't even think of stealing that name) was a money hoarder. She filled baby food jars, prescription pill bottles and even jelly jars with coins. She never officially worked, so I have no idea where the coins came from. My grandpa worked as a nuclear engineer for the majority of his lifetime. He worked down south for many years before they were married and they didn't settle in Wisconsin until just a few months before my Mother was born. He commuted sometimes over a hour for work and carried his lunch daily. So if she emptied his pockets for the change nightly, when he got home, I'm not where the change came from. I had no idea she was a money hoarder until just a few years ago when I started renovating one of their homes and begun to find the jars. Jars in stud walls, jars in books, and jars in the rafters. My Grandfather was a bit of a saver too. His last job in a manufacturing plant gave him access to steels remnants and one- offs. The basement of their home was filled with several thousand dollars worth of the recyclables. Unfortunately, I was not the recipient of that fortune.
It's only fitting that I write about Olive on Easter. Her home was my favorite place to be on the holiday. There was always the scent of a fresh Easter lily on the table, and a lamp cake made with puffed rice. Even into her 80's and when her eyesight was flailing, she still prepared the Easter feast. She had been married to Harold for over 50 years and never learned to drive an automobile. Her reasoning?: "Where do I need to go, if it isn't with your Grandfather?" It was a love like that, that made me realize I had to leave a stagnant 10 year old relationship. I wanted more, for the rest of my life. And before I left, I wished for someone to Save me. Someone to get me out of a horrible relationship, and lead me in the direction I needed to go. Someone to provide me with a safe haven of refuge.
All along I think,, well I know it was Olive. From the moment I started renovating their home, I knew I wanted to live there. I knew it would be a safe place to go and I wouldn't be followed. I had the pleasure of living in their home just 2 short years before I met P. She never got to see the work and justice that had been put into her home. Shortly after she passed is when I started finding the dimes. The regularity and the amount I find these coins has convinced me, that's it's not just coincidence(play on words). Each time I bend over, the feeling never gets old when I realize what it is. I know it's her way of still watching over me.
And even more I look foreword to Dime Time.

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