Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Replacements

As an adult, the types of conversations you have with other adults makes me hark back to the playground days. The days when the conversations were dominated by: Your favorite color, your favorite toy, do you wanna play on the monkey bars or the balance beam?
Adult conversations suck. They're usually centered around someone overly self- promoting and campaigning. Not political campaigning, Personal Campaigning. We've talked before here on Coffee, about the awkward and unnecessary talk of, How much someone makes, How much did you pay for your home, and the disastrous and always Tacky: How much did you spend on the ring? I believe it's that's the equivalent of asking a same sex couple: "Do you give or receive?". Sorry folks, we say what we mean in these parts.
As long as were dropping bombs here let me enlighten you: You Are All Replaceable.
You've seen him. Perhaps on vacation incessantly checking his e- mail from his beach chair. You've seen him at the airport for sure. He's the guy on the plane that Has to turn his phone on when the plane's still landing. He's GOT to be connected. Because what on Earth would his people do Without Him?? He or she is the self- promoter. And a firm believer that the whole ship would sink without their captain. Let me say it again: You are All Replaceable. And the biggest thing your "Running"? is your mouth.
During the 10 years I traveled for work I got to meet some very interesting, and very successful people. They all had some very similar things in common.
1. They kept what they did for business short and sweet. It could be summed up in 5 words or less. To this day, when people ask what I do, I simply reply, "I sell stuff". You either make stuff, or promote stuff. Even if your not in sales. Everyone's sellin' something.
2.They were incredibly humble and usually quite giving with no expectation of receipt.
3.No one used their mobile devices, and strangely most of them didn't even wear a wristwatch.
Point being: They were so successful they didn't need to self- promote. Their time was just as precious as any of ours.  It goes back to what my parents always have said "If you Have to talk about it, all you've got is talk". Sage advice.
Years ago I worked for a very successful woman, who has taught me everything I know about "Selling Stuff". Every year, twice a year she would take a vacation, to a destination where she deliberately could Not be contacted. She put her entire business in our hands. In her absence we were forced to figure things out and remain profitable. If we failed, she failed. She always believed that if her people failed it wasn't because of them, it was because of Her. She didn't do something for them. And as a leader, she wasn't doing her best. I have never, ever met someone as business wise.
Then when people bring money into the talk about what they do, well then that makes the whole situation even worse. Divulging such details like, "I'm making double the money here" or "I'd go over there, but They couldn't Afford me". Well yes, Yes they could Afford you, but they have chose Not to. to It's better for their Gross Profit. I lost my job years ago to someone that made exactly half of what I'd made. Smart decision for the company. And I would have consulted for them to do exactly what they did. Find someone to do as equal the work for half the money. I'm no idiot.
My good friend Cody in Alaska keeps me humble. Years ago when I was in my first "Big Girl" job I took a vacation to visit him. He was a medic in the Army and had some extended time off. His regular job was to parachute into foreign countries, avoid any and all landmines and set up the Med. tents for wounded soldiers. He made $15/hour. I was making $23/hr. For helping a big company "Sell Stuff". I never complained about my job again. Nor thought the company would go under without me.
For perhaps without him, People would go under. 6 feet under. So take a page from Cody's book, and get humble. Get real, and remember, You are All Replaceable.

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