Saturday, March 8, 2014

My Favorite Escape

A lot of Bloggers I see, ted to get a bit personal and add "Fluff" pieces, perhaps when the creative well is running dry.
At this point, even after almost 5,000 views on Coffee,, I don't feel like you need to know, "What's In My Bag"(or maybe don't care), and "The 10 things you may Not know about Me?", that can wait also.
Instead I've decided to share My Favorite Escape with you. I tend to visit my local Fancy Schmancy grocery store about once every two weeks or so. I could get absolutely lost in the floral department, which is right up my alley of everything cute that No One needs.
I usually pick up the weekly bundle of flowers(Shabby Chic roses) if P hasn't delivered:),& load up on some ingredients off my Pinterest board..."If I Have to eat". Afterwards, I spend the rest of the afternoon, enjoying my flowers, and baking some goodies.
Even though the day off yesterday started with a visit to the dentist(replacement filling), I still made time to enjoy,
My Favorite Escape

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