Monday, March 3, 2014

Dear Winter...

Dear Winter, I've thought long and hard about it this weekend. You and I need to have a talk.
I am the first to sing your praises, and the last to complain about you. But like all of my other long term relationships I'm calling the shots, and officially I have fired. In your direction.
I have delighted in layering and going through all my hats and mitten collections. I have shuffled though the first snowfall with the doggies and taken our Christmas Day photos. I have traversed, traveled by car, sled, and ski's. And all through January and February I have given you the benefit of the doubt. And I'm cold.
Cold as in I can't warm up anymore after a cup of tea. Cold as in there's no way I'm stripping down to my sport bra and skivvies to work out. Cold as in, every night I'm going to bed in 2 hoodies and sweatpants. Cold as in there's no way I'm stripping down to do anything else, other than get in a hot shower.
I know there are plenty of people and business benefitting from your behavior this year. I know that your every- other- day snowfall is keeping many working this season.  I'm not quite sure what your relationship status is with that groundhog, but you may want to consider going Yosemite Sam on him and give him a big, "Get outta that hole you rabbit".
I need hope.
I need to smell a fresh daffodil. I need the stores to be full of Easter Lilly's so I can close my eyes and think of being in my Grandmother's home again. I need not to shovel anymore, and not have Annie's paws burn from the spreading of urban road salt. And I need to feel the sun on my face without considering 15 minutes outside, un-covered could result in frostbite.
But most of all,
Dear Winter, I need you to be Over.

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