Sunday, March 16, 2014

Church Chat

How coincidental that I start this blog off on a Sunday morning. Well truth is, like most things and thoughts, I tend to marinate on them for sometime, take some notes of brilliance, then develop them, maybe even a few weeks later. Two things have sparked these recent thoughts:
1.Recently I read something on Pinterest: "It's better to be sittin' in a boat, thinking about God, than sittin' in church, thinking about Fishing"
2. One of my great friends recently attended a church service, and shared the atrocities going on in her nearby pews. Read: Sipping Starbucks, Sporting pajama bottoms, and a Mother texting in her Bible!!!!
So let's start out with a little self-divulgence. I pray. I was baptized, and I was confirmed, And I went to an all female Catholic college. By the way, this is none of your business, just a little background info. I don't need to wear jewelry or embellishment's to pontificate my faith, and I also don't need to spend every Sunday morning displaying my beliefs. That being said: I believe people confuse praying with hoping, and attending a service somehow demonstrates their goodness. Right now there's all sorts of cute Emojidom's that you can attach to status updates on social media outlets for how someone is "Feeling Blessed" or "Touched by God". Someone brilliant recent said: "Professing your faith on social media doesn't make you a better Christian, it makes you an attention whore. Sorry L, that was Way to brilliant Not to share.
So when P and I pray, it's most often for the four legged animals, we wish we could house them all, and our loved ones that we miss dearly. Read: We aren't actually praying for a living human, or what "might" happen. When my Dad was in his final days, I wasn't praying to have him for a few more. I was hoping he wasn't in pain and none of us had to see it when it all went down. I used my time wisely, and efficiently.  
Here's where the confusion may lay. When something good happens, people jump very quickly on the wagon of: "It was a blessing from God", or "We prayed, and our prayers came through". Then conversely when something bad happens is it an "Act of God", or "Gods way?".
Case in point: Weather patterns. Weather patterns are exactly just that, Patterns. Weather systems  happen and can have adverse reactions depending on temperatures, air mass, ect. Not because an "Act of God" came into it. This has been proven, documented, and registered. And when something good, or bad happens to you, don't you think 99% of it could be because of what YOU did, or didn't do? Why are you putting what happens in someone else's hands? Perhaps because when the bad happens, it's easier to accept when you need someone to blame or point your finger at. Bad Christian.
Don't We create our own destiny, and challenges? Why put someone else in charge of your life? Didn't get the job? Didn't get the house? Didn't get the car? Maybe it was because you weren't the right person. Maybe there was someone more qualified, or prepared out there. And hopefully, this morning, if your sitting in that wooden pew, hoping to better yourself, maybe instead you should take action and leave Prayer out of it.

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