Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Save your Sweatpants, for Saturday

Sweatpants, Yoga pants, and well, while were at it, Leggings.
I'm sure you do it because you see all Them, do IT. P.S. Celebrities Pay people Not to tell them Things. I'm sure you do it because you don't think it's not That big of a deal. Well, it Is a Big deal. I'm here to tell you. And I can tell you because I'm the one consistently is violated by your wearing, in public of pants that were made for working out. And quite frankly, I'm convinced 95% of Those pants never see the unroll of a Yoga mat. They've unfortunately seen the inside of the washing machine, a few hundred times. Black, faded, Cotton pilling, encrusted rhinestones falling off..Clearly a Big deal.
I see you everyday. Walking around like it's no big deal. Running your errands because your SOOooo busy(sarc) that you didn't even have Time to get dressed!!? Maybe trying to let people know you just polished off an Epic workout. Nope. I'm not buying it. Everyday people stroll into stores with their dirty hair, dirty sweatpants, and even dirtier winter boots. The enter the fitting rooms in hopes of finding something fabulous. And guess what looks Great on a dirty body, with dirty hair, pulled back by something that resembles a dirty bra strap? Nothing. And retailers are left thinking They didn't have the right Things. Not true. It was the girls that didn't have the Right things ON.
I have told friends,: Strike me dead, if you see me in them. Actually, I'm positive even in my most dying days at Walgreen's to pick up the sick necessities, I have not been caught(near dead) in those pants. Why? Because I have Pride. And values. And it's inappropriate. Because there's absolutely no time in my history here that I have ever Not cared about what I project onto others. (Read: Needlessly worry about the opinions of others that mean Nothing to me)
Maybe I don't understand it because it comes Easy to me. Wanting to get dressed and feel good Comes Easy. Maybe because my Momma always said, "Put some lipstick on and pull yourself together". True story. I'm sure you want it to be easy too. You want an easy morning where you don't have to Think about what to wear. Pro Tip: lay out your outfit the night before. You want an easy morning of going to class and taking some hard core notes. And you want to make the most of your day and run your errands before, or after the workout. Well then that's fine. But the next time you wear your ratty old pants in public?? Think about saving those Sweatpants for Saturdays.

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