Monday, January 6, 2014

Well Read

I was one of those kids. One of those kids that read. One of those kids you never had to argue with to finish their reading. One of those kids that signed up for the 100+ book club when school let out in summer. My favorite place to hunker down was on the bathroom floor, right next to the heater. Just before P and I got married, I learned that was also his favorite spot. I knew then and there it was meant to be.
I loved the stories and the places books could take you. I loved their immediacy in making you feel intensely for the main character and their struggle. I loved the challenge to not speed ahead and read the ending page. I didn't read books about wizards and warlocks. My personal favorite? Non- fiction biography's. I read most of the true crime records of serial killers for the first 5 years of my reading age. I stopped reading the accounts once I started having terrible nightmares. I'm still afraid of the dark!
I've read good books, and great books, and books that were suppose to be great, that I didn't get. I've read dirty books on vacation, and shared them around the lake with the retirees. I read an amazing book about recovery that made me skip an entire New Years Eve evening out because there I was balled up in a chair sobbing and completely engrossed in my book. Reading that book was still better than any New Year's Eve I've had. (Read: Whatttdya Doin' New Year's Eve)
So recently when someone shared with me a book they've recently read, I pensively took the read. It wasn't non- fiction, and it definitely wasn't a biography. It was a fluff read that I could have easily finished in a night or two after work. Emphasis on the word "Fluff". Yes, by page 92 I had to close the cover and re- evaluate if I really wanted to continue. The only "place" this piece was taking me, was to my closet to grab for my turtleneck sweater and chastity belt. Tales of human suffering and triumphs against all odds completely hold my interest. Tales of human suffering for pleasure, and having foreign objects in ones nether regions?? Nope. you completely lost me.
It's not like me to walk away from something I've started. However, I have to consider, with the few hours I have a day to my leisure, what do I want my brain to experience, and how do I want to entertain it. I think I'm going to return the book to the owner. I don't need to read it. My life won't be enriched by reading it and it's entertainment value is marginal at best.
There are many books that I have read, and only read once that have stayed with me longer than some relationships I've had. And in this instance, I had to consider if this is a relationship I'm interested in continuing.

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