Monday, January 27, 2014

The Top 25, at 25

After spending part of the weekend with ehhmm,,, some Younger girls, I got to thinking about my List. My list of things that you absolutely Need to know. The types of life skills that will keep you off the side of the highway playing the Damsel in Distress role. And the types of life skills that will keep you in the good graces of others, many of whom may be in the service industry. My Dad wasn't the handiest of men, but thankfully, I have spent some time with some gentlemen, that have taught me: My Top 25, at 25
1. Order a drink- better yet, find yourself a signature drink. If you order a drink with water, you won't get a glass of water on the side. If you order a drink "Sweet" your getting cherries as a garnish. Straight up, means just that= just the alcohol. And please, please unless your at a ball game: Stop ordering Beer!
2.Un-clog the toilet. Of course No One wants to do this. I learned my first time well into my 30's. Suction, then flushing is key.
3.Tip. If your anywhere in the (414) (262)(608) or (715) Tax is roughly 5%. To tip just take this number times 3 for a 15% tip. I just told this trick Again last week to someone!
4.Jumpstart a car. Early in my car owning days I pre- printed the instructions on an index card I kept in my visor. I put color coded pieces of electrical tape on my battery connections, and on my jumper cables.
5.Write a resume. After previewing resumes for the better half of 15 years, I have seen more shotty ones than good ones. I'll never forget the resume I got from a female anxious and willing to work. Her e- mail contact was:
6.Give/Take a compliment
7.Make a toast(heartfelt, not drunken) at a wedding.
8.Paint your right hand fingernails, if your right handed.
9.Make Coffee( enough said!)
10. Bake a Cake/ Pie
11.Write a love letter (Read: Love Letters)
12. Administer CPR
13.Make a campfire/ Fire in a fireplace. Do you want to freeze, or play that Damsel role? I prefer the Lincoln Log method: Takes virtually No paper!
14. Change a fuse. In your circuit board in your basement, or your Christmas lights. And don't worry, the chances of getting electrocuted are highly unlikely.
15. Change a flat tire. Don't forget to loosen the lug nuts Slightly before elevating the vehicle onto the jack.
16.Put a comforter into a duvet.
17. Sew a button on a shirt (I've even taught a few guys how to do this! Your welcome ladies)
18. Hem a skirt(even using fuseable tape)
19. Move. Without the help of your friends.
20. Change a diaper
21. Grill a burger
22. Vacuum( yes someone I met years ago did not know how)
23.Drive a manual shift car. If you've ever had roommates, and been Parked- In, This I an epic life skill that you'll never loose. I once had to drive my best friends car home from the bar after she had been "Over-served".
24. Tap Rack, Bang. No matter what your gun beliefs, loading, chambering a round, and discharging a gun is something you want to know how to do, if your life calls for it.
25. How to say goodbye. No one likes to do it. But learn how to do it gracefully and with dignity. Realize that someone people are not meant to be on your life. And finally, people and pets die. Some over time and sometimes too soon. But the easier you make it on yourself to say goodbye, the quicker someone else can step in and say,

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