Friday, January 10, 2014

Concert Tickets

Maybe it was the leather pants. Or maybe it was the conversation last night with a girlfriend. She was going to see one of my very favorite performers for live show. But somewhere in between I realized: I hate concerts.
Growing up in the Midwest, in a city widely known for having a 10 day music festival, you would think I have a different take. Nope. I really hate em'. And before you add in your obligatory comment of, "Well maybe you haven't seen the Right concert..Wrong again also. I have attended some big name gigs and some small town shows. And I remain unchanged.
Concerts never sound good:
Especially at the 10 day festival my hometown likes to promote. It's actually the Worst place I have ever hear a show. And I have heard plenty there. Add in the sounds of the outdoors, the nearby lake breeze, the inevitable reverb, and the carnival midway and you've got a headliner for disaster. Also add in the guarantee for a warm alcoholic beverage and the feasibility of ending up with vomit on your shoes and it's a must miss for this gal. Did I mention that people Actually take their Entire vacation from work off to attend this monstrosity? Yes, please attend the C grade shows, use the F grade toilet's, and eat anything that can and will be deep-fried. Sounds like an Amazing vacation. What about that time in the middle of the concert. When there's a 3-4 song section that No One knows the music?! Tragic.
Concerts never look good:
There's always The Guy. The guy that's such a super fan he believes he deserves to be there above any other. He usually has morphed into looking like one of the guys in the band and has been known to actually have photographs taken with the "Ladies"( and I use that generously) that follow the band. Keep in mind that in the 10 years with my ex, we saw the same 80's hair band play approximately 100 times. Remember what you just read about Concerts never Looking good? I've been in the front row, the back row, up stage and on stage, and the scenery always looks the same. Seeing the same band over 100 times comes with it's "Perks", and I was thankful I usually attended with a group of guys. And can someone Please tell me: What do you do with your hands at a concert!? Add to the list of not looking good: The very enthusiastic Air Drummer guy
I have spent lots of money, and I have spent No money attending these venues. And in the end I'm always left questioning what I would have rather done with that $200. One of the first dates P and I went on was to an actual concert. To see a performer that I actually enjoy! Thankfully he knows now, if he's going to buy tickets for a show, I need to be willing to go.

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